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Bone conduction headphones are perfect for athletes and swimmers who spend most of their day underwater. Still wondering are bone conduction headphones safer for your ears? Well, don’t fret as we will be discussing the pros and cons of bone conduction headphones in this guide.

How does bone conduction headphones operate?

Our ears hear sounds through vibrations that travel from the air to the inner ear via our eardrums. However, in bone conduction technology, these vibrations are transmitted through your bones to your brain.

There are no eardrums involved in this case which can help people suffering from hearing disabilities. There are no earbuds or wires attached to the headphones. This helps to make the headphones lightweight and portable.

Bone conduction headphones come with wireless support 

These headphones come with wireless connectivity to help people easily use their headphones to listen to music or answer important calls.

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They are waterproof and heatproof 

Moreover, these headphones are usually waterproof and heat proof. They don’t get damaged underwater even when it’s submerged underwater for hours.

They have a built-in mic and volume controls 

The controls are usually situated near the mic. The controls comprise of power, volume, and pause button. Those bone conduction headphones that are slightly expensive also come with an adjustable headband. It helps to ensure that the headset doesn’t slip or fall.

They help you stay aware of your surroundings 

These headphones are mostly used in crowded places where one needs to remain aware of his surroundings.The ears remain open and you can easily hear everything that’s going in the background.

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They don’t restrict your mobility 

You can run, jog, hike and swim while enjoying your favorite music. These headphones are usually wire-free and you can perform your workouts freely without any hindrance.

They are used by people with auditory disabilities 

Today, various health professionals use bone conduction technology to treat their patients who are suffering from hearing loss. 

Similarly, this technology is also used in smartwatches and bands where you can get calls through bone conduction. 

The vibrations are transmitted from the bones on your arms to your brain. And you can answer calls wirelessly without any smartphones.

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Bone conduction headphones still need in-depth research and development 

However, these products are still in their initial stages and a lot of research and development is still needed to make these bands safe and effective for their users.

Are bone conduction headphones safe than regular headphones?

Contrary to the general perception, it’s not our ears but our brain that translates sound. However, the medium that is used for it is our inner ear. And for that, you need to use your eardrums which are one of the most sensitive parts of your body.

Listening to high volumes can damage our inner ear 

Any high sound frequency that’s loud and intense can damage them. 

And in several cases, they can permanently damage the eardrums, especially in seniors who are already suffering from long term neurological or hearing disorders.

Therefore, the best way to combat this problem is to use another medium instead of your eardrums.

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Pros and cons of bone conduction technology 

A major part of our bodies consists of bones. They are all around our bodies. And therefore, you can listen from any part of your body.

Not suitable for people with osteoporosis 

Many people suffer from osteoporosis and in such situations, it’s better to avoid using bone conduction headphones. If your bones are already weak and fragile, they won’t be able to bear intense vibrations. 

Moreover, whether it’s a smartwatch or any other gadget or accessory that’s close to your body, it’s recommended to use it carefully. 

You cannot wear them for prolonged periods

Wearing these accessories for prolonged periods can damage your body cells. Therefore, it is better to take frequent breaks when using these bone conduction devices, especially headphones.

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Bluetooth vs. Mp3 player: Which wireless connectivity is the best?

Coming to wireless connectivity, you usually get two options for it. The first one is Bluetooth and the second one is mp3.

Bluetooth headset won’t work underwater 

Nowadays, most people prefer Bluetooth to use as a wireless option. As most smartphones come with Bluetooth for wireless connectivity, it makes sense to go with bone conduction headphones that come with Bluetooth support.

However, there’s a catch to it. Bluetooth connectivity doesn’t work as well as mp3 does underwater. If you are using your headphones 2-3 meters below the water, your Bluetooth headset won’t work. 

Therefore, it’s better to either opt for bone conduction headphones with mp3 support and Bluetooth as a secondary connectivity option.

With Mp3 support, you can play your favorite songs on loop

For bone conduction headphones with MP3 support, you can easily store your playlist within your device and play it on loop while swimming or relaxing underwater.

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You get better storage space in your headphones 

These headphones usually come with storage space between 4GB to 8GB. You can easily store up to 2000 files on your headphones.

You can use them anywhere and anytime 

And if your headphones are sweatproof, you can easily use them outdoors in humid weather conditions.

Flexibility and versatility 

When looking for bone conduction headphones, you need to make sure that its body is soft and flexible. Without it, you cannot adjust it around your head.

Adjustable body

The shape of our head is different and since these headphones stay on your cheek bones, you need to make sure that they are adjustable.

Waterproof rating

There are several ratings for water proof accessories. Just like watches and phones, if a brand claims to be waterproof, then it should have a rating for verification. Therefore, when buying a waterproof bone conduction headphones, make sure if it comes with a rating.

Question: Pros and Cons of Bone Conduction Headphones

Final thoughts

Bone conduction headphones are indeed better than regular headphones as they keep your ears safe. Even if you suffering from hearing problems, you can enjoy music with these headphones on. Moreover, you have a clear idea about your surroundings which helps to prevent accidents when wearing headphones in crowded areas.

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