12 Best Bluetooth Headset for Glasses Wearers in 2022

Want to wear a Bluetooth headset with glasses? The struggle can be real, we know. If you’re someone who wears glasses regularly, then you’re already aware how headsets treat you. Most of the headphones are not at all comfortable to be worn by glasses wearers. They end up making the ears sore. Finding the best Bluetooth headset for glasses wearers in the right budget can be a stressful job.

Most of the glasses wearers have to take their glasses off for them to be able to wear headphones. Imagine doing this every time. Doing this when you’re about to game, listen to music, or binge watch something. It’s exhausting. 

And, you can’t suggest people to wear contacts, just so they can enjoy some music. It shouldn’t be that difficult at all. With keeping comfort in mind, you have to get a headset that can be worn for long listening sessions. You don’t want to get something that might exhaust your ears in an hour. 

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So here we have concluded 12 headsets that can be comfortably worn by glasses wearers. The headsets fall into different price ranges. The best way of finalizing a headphone is to understand your primary needs first. Check if they have some cool add-on features that might work well. First, we’ll talk about what you need to consider before investing in one of these best Bluetooth headset for glasses wearers.

Ultimate Buying Guide for the Best Headset for Glasses Wearer — Complete Buying Guide 

You might be wondering, what you need to look for in a headset? If you’re a gamer, you need to find the best gaming headset for glasses wearers. If you’re someone who prefers earbuds, then get the best wireless earbuds to wear with glasses. What we’re trying to say is that it’s all about understanding your needs. And we’re going to help you with that, here is what you need:


What bothers most of the glasses wearers? Headset not being comfortable enough. You need a headphone with an adjustable headband. Then, you need to look for soft padded headphones. Ear-cups need to be well padded, and the material should feel cushion-like. 

You might want to wear a headset for long listening sessions. So, read how x headphone works for continuous use. That being said, investing in a headphone that is lightweight will be the right choice to make.

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If you don’t want to use headphone for calling, then there’s no need for you to get a headphone that has one. The quality of the mic matters equally. If you do need to make calls, your headphone should also carry ANC (active noise cancelation), which takes us to the number three thing!

Active Noise Cancelation 

If you’re someone who takes train usually, or gets bothered by the noisy traffic, you should invest in a headset that has active noise cancelation. ANC will eliminate the background chatter, and the noisy traffic.

There’s no way you can enjoy music when you can hear the drill machine’s noise more than you can hear the song. ANC has become the need of today! 

Sound Quality 

Not every wireless headset works great. We’ve seen many wired headphones that work great, but their wireless version doesn’t sound good at all. That being said, there are a number of wireless headphones that can beat the wired ones. Just thoroughly check the sound quality. 

Check if the bass isn’t too harsh, and how the overall sound is. The purpose isn’t to only get a comfortable headset that a glasses wearer can use. The purpose is to get the best one out there. There’s no point if it doesn’t sound well, but is one the most comfortable ones out there. 

Battery Life

When you’re getting a wireless headset, your eyes should be on how much playback time the headset gives after a single charge. Battery-life of 20 hours should be the least to expect. That being said, it totally depends on you. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to charge too much, or maybe you travel a lot, get the one with 35+ battery life. 

Sony XM4 gives 37 hours of playback time, after a single charge, while ATH M50xBT gives a whopping 32 hours of playback time. (You’ll learn more about XM4 and M50xBT below). 

Add-on Features

This is totally optional. Getting a headphone that offers a ‘great deal’ is what you should be looking for. In Sony XM4, there’s a feature in which the headset switches to ambient mode, and increases the volume of the sound you’re surrounded with. These are the kind of features you didn’t know you needed, until audio-gear giants started throwing these in the market. 

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Now, we’ll move towards reviewing the 12 best Bluetooth Headset for Glasses wearers. Let’s dig in. 

The Best Bluetooth Headset for Glasses Wearers – Keeping Comfort the Priority

1. Sennheiser Urbanite XL

No products found.

Sennheiser is the iPhone/Samsung (keeping both the parties happy here, haha!) of the audio world. It is one of the best Bluetooth headset for glasses wearers.

In the box, you’ll find the headphones tucked in, along with a manual, mic, remote and the locking cable. They are portable, but the pouch that comes with it is a bit revealing. 

They offer a variety of colors, so you get a red, blue, plum, black etc. They have a matte finish. The options might sound really bold for someone’s choice, but they are rather classy and conventional. They wouldn’t make you look hip, in a flashy way. The denim touch might not work out for everyone, but to us it looks pretty classy. 

They are over-ear headphones, wireless, and the bass can turn your office hours into a rave party. The battery-life will last you more than a day. A single charge will give you 25 hours of non-stop playback time. The cable is removable, so works well for calls as well,  the mic works well too. 

Features and Specifications 

The side of the button can play or stop music upon touching it. To forward a track, you need to tap it twice. The up and down button control the volume. Some people don’t appreciate touch buttons, but these work really well. Expect a few accidental touches while fixing the headset. 

The headset carries metal hinges which look sturdy and overshadow the plastic-y looking design. This headset isn’t sound canceling, but sound isolation is rather decent.  They are super comfortable, so people with glasses don’t have to worry about sore ears or tightening around their head. 

The company promises massive bass, and they’re right about that. The sound is very clear, and we appreciate the less sound leakage as well. They carry aluminum ear-cup. One might assume that they wouldn’t but comfortable, but the ear-cups are well padded, and really soft which works best for glasses wearers as well. The pads are replaceable.


  • Great Battery Life.
  • Really Comfortable.
  • Good price.
  • The control Panel doesn’t work out for everyone.

No products found.

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2. Sennheiser PXC 550-II 

No products found.

For glasses wearers, Sennheiser PXC 550-II is one of the best choices available in the market. Other than being someone with glasses, people who are air travelers or commuters will appreciate this piece a lot. It is noise-canceling, so your noisy neighbors are a history now. 

They are easy to use, and have a fair build. The main drawback is the plastic-y looking ear-cups, but you wouldn’t hear any squeaky sound.  The purpose of the ear-cups is to minimize the tightness your head might feel, and though the ear-cups don’t look the best, they do serve the purpose. 

If you’re someone who looks for portability, then there’s a case in the box for you to use. The ear-cups are removable, so you can take them off for cleaning purposes. Sennheiser PXC 550-II are great for people with glasses. They are comfortable. The headband supports every head size. Synthetic leather is spread over the headband, which looks good. 

Features and Specifications

On the right ear-cup, you’ll see the control panel, which carries touch-pads and buttons. Here are a few controls; upon pressing the voice assistant button, you will be ready to pair the Bluetooth headset. Rotating the right ear-cup will switch on/off the headset. Tapping once will accept or decline calls. To increase/decrease the volume, swipe vertically. 

The noise-canceling is great. You’d be able to hear a car if it honks at you, or the renovation that’s been going on at your place, but you’ll be able to easily block the low frequency sounds when you’ve selected the highest mode of noise-canceling. Noise-canceling is the plus you should be looking for in a headset. This one has that! 

They give a well-balanced listening experience. The sound is clear. The controls are easy to use. There’s a hard case present in the box for you to keep the headphone safe. You can fold one ear-cup at a time. They feel solid. They are very comfortable, so if you’re looking for a work-out buddy, these might be one of the best options available in the market.


  • Great Control Panel
  • Noise-canceling Headphones
  • Can work as great work out headphones
  • Clear Sound.
  • Kind of Plastic-y Looking.

 No products found.

3. Audio Technica ATH M50xBT

No products found.

If you’re on the lookout for headphones, you might have seen variants of ATH M50 in the market. That’s because it’s one the giants of audio gear industry. ATH M50xBT is exactly like ATH M50. The main difference is that the M50xBT is wireless. These are the perfect choice for a glasses wearer, for musicians, commuters, and young listeners. 

In the box, you get a leather pouch, microUSB cable and 3.55 cable. Most of the times, Bluetooth versions don’t look as classy as the wired ones. This is totally not the case with these ones. The ear-cups are leatherettes, and feel spongy. The leather pads are replaceable. 

The headphones don’t sound different when used wired, or wireless. The sound isn’t harsh. You would enjoy the music. It wouldn’t sound harsh at all. It has a Bluetooth 5 ratio, which means its fast and consumes low energy as well. It carries a voice assistant trigger, which enables Siri or Google Assistant. 

Features and Specifications 

The battery-life is better than most of the Bluetooth headsets that are available in the market. A single charge will give you a playback of 32 hours. If you keep the volume down a bit, it’d last you more than that. That’s the real deal!! Other than that, it gives the right amount of comfort. 

The bass is great. LFE is at 10 Hz, and the bass response is well balanced. These are not designed for sports, and high intensity workouts. They might end up slipping from your ears if you’re planning to wear them while high intensity activities. 

The headphones don’t have active noise cancelation. You might be able to hear a lot more sounds that you should. They have great imaging, and so is the sound profile. They aren’t much portable but, can be fold into a more compact size. They come with a pouch that makes travelling easy. All in all, they are the real deal.

9.7 Rating

  • Great Bass.
  • Battery life of 32 hours.
  • Strong and Sturdy Build.
  • Carries a Bluetooth 5 ratio.
  • Active Noise Cancelation isn’t up to the mark.
  • Not much portable. 

No products found.

4. Sennheiser HD 4.40 

No products found.

Sennheiser has been doing great with wired headphones. It’s the Bluetooth audio-gears by Sennheiser that haven’t been able to impress us much. However, Sennheiser HD 4.40 is from where their success in wireless gadgets might take off. HD 4.40 is an amazing sounding wireless headphone, with a solid price and great design. 

These pair look similar to the HD 4.50, but the 4.50 had a silver thing going on around their ear-cups and headband, which is not the case with HD 4.40. They have a matte finish, which looks quite handsome. The ear-pads are where the comfort lies, however, we expected more padding in the headband. 

The buttons are located on the right ear-cup. The power-button is what you’ve to use to set the Bluetooth in pairing mode. The control is easy is to use. The button closer to the power button manages phone calls. You’ll see a volume rocker closer to this button as well. Overall, you’ll easily get a hang of the controls/buttons. 

Features and Specifications

The headphone comes with a pouch that is quite soft. A pouch this soft would be able to protect your headphone from scratching, but can’t keep it safe from getting a bad hit. The pair isn’t as portable as it should have been. You can fold it to make it more compact, but the ear-cups don’t lay flat, thus, can’t be worn around the neck. 

You can’t use these headphones for running. The music sounds excellent, despite the genre. The bass has that punch. It’s not harsh, but makes you want to dance. The headphone is wireless capable, the detachable cable makes one’s life easy. With wireless headphones, you don’t have to worry about the wire being too short, or getting the wire tangled.

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The finish on the headphones make everything look and feel great. The battery life is great. One charge will give you 25 hours of playback time, which is more than a day. They won’t cancel the noise, so you can’t run away from the background chatter. HD 4.5 BTNC is the upgraded version which is good with noise isolation. You might go for that one!

9.1 Rating

  • 25-hour battery life.
  • Great Sound
  • Can be used as wired too.
  • Classy design. 
  • Doesn’t isolate noise.
  • The pouch can’t secure the headphone properly. 

No products found.

5. Sony WH-1000XM4

No products found.

You might remember that we’ve reviewed XM4 previously as well. It’s because they are not only the best noise canceling headphones, but also one of the best choices for glasses wearers as well. The Sony WH-1000XM4 is a premium quality headphone, which offers a number of add-on features which make this pair a great deal. 

They were the first headphones that were able to give tough time to the Bose’s QuiteComfort variants. In the box, you’ll find a solid case (hard, we mean), the headphone, audio cable of 3.5, and a charging cable. Oh, a traveling adapter also comes with the box, which gives a premium touch to the headphone as well.

 The headphones can be connected to two devices at the same time. If you download the Sony Headphone Connect application, you can access to a really cool feature as well. When you’ll talk, the music will pause after the headphone detects that you’re talking. Some people find this feature really annoying. 

Features and Specifications

Other than the great primary features, XM4 has some really good additional features as well, which makes it one of the best ones out there. On the left ear-cup, there’s a sensor which can detect if you’re wearing the headphones or not. When you take your headphones off, it detects the removal and pauses the music. That’s the kind of additional features that they’ve added in XM4. 

The best feature so far is the shifting to ambient mode. If you cup your hand over the left ear-cup, you’ll switch to ambient mode where the volume will decrease, and the headphones will play whatever sound you’re surrounded with. Imagine being at the airport. You don’t have to take your headphones off or stop the music to listen to the announcement. 

The over-all build is very comfortable. The bracket are adjustable, got well-padded ear-pads and support every head size. Glasses wearers wouldn’t have a problem wearing it. One full charge will give you 37 hours of continuous playback. The ANC can block out noises of car engines etc. These will work great for long listening sessions as well. 

9.3 rating

  • 37-hour battery life.
  • Super Comfortable. Sturdy Build.
  • Carries Active Noise Canceling feature.
  • Carries ambient mode.
  • Can connect with two devices at the same time.
  • Comes with a travel Adapter. 
  • A bit pricey

No products found.

6. Cowin E7

No products found.

Cowin E7 carries a reasonable price tag. It cancels noise with its ANC, without paying a heavy price. The battery-life is great; can give you long listening sessions of worth 30 hours with a single charge. The ear-cups are well padded and large, which makes it a great option for the glass wearers as well. 

They have a glossy finish. If you’re someone who likes glossy over matte, you will enjoy this one to the fullest. The headband might not work well for every head size. They are lightweight, and the soft padding works well for the long listening sessions.

Pairing with a mobile is fairly easily, with Bluetooth V4.0 and NFC technology. The noise canceling easily blocks the chatter, and the noisy traffic. There’s a built-in mic as well, which means all together, you’re getting more than what you’re paying. The mic is pretty clear, so It is ideal for calling purposes as well. 

Features and Specifications

In the box, you’ll see a pouch, Audio cable, USB cable, manual and the headphone tucked in well. The bass is rich, but not harsh. To judge comfort of the headphones, you have to be able to wear it around the neck. The ear-pads can lay flat. You can easily wear these around your neck, without getting a feeling that you’re being chocked.  

They don’t have the ideal kind of portability, but gets the job done. They are large, but you can fold them into a more compact size. The pouch that comes with it can only save it from scratches, not more.  They are wireless, so you don’t have to worry about wire getting tangled. You can’t use wired headphones from a distance sometimes, if the cable is too short. Wireless headphones save you from that. 

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It carries 40mm aperture drivers. It offers great sound quality. After hearing the sound, you wouldn’t be able to guess the right price of the pair. The ANC is not like the high end ones, where you’ve been offered different modes, but it still gets the job done. 

9.0 rating

  • Economical Price
  • Great Battery Life
  • Really Comfortable, and sturdy.
  • Great Sound Quality.
  • Carries NFC technology
  • It’s portability isn’t a 100%

No products found.

7. Plantronics Voyager Focus UC

No products found.

Looking for one of the best Bluetooth headset for glasses wearers?  Consider Plantronics.  Plantronics Voyager Focus UC provides the best concentration to the user and minimizes background noise. You can get away with your headsets to a long distance up to 98’. The triple mic incorporation makes the voice natural with improvised DSP. 

The multiservice connectivity makes it easy for everyone to use. The Bluetooth headset is compatible with other devices. The new version has a mute button that can be turned off when required immediately. It has a customized setting option too for the user’s ease.

The price range is from $250 to $300 with the best quality headphones ever. You can also enjoy music in your headsets with automatic control in them. Furthermore, the voice is clearer than ever and assured. Making your life easy with the best range of headphones.

Feature and Specifications

This headphone is ideally designed to use in a professional environment. It can be used in Windows PC as well as Mac system. Moreover, it has special active sensors technology. They can be connected to laptops with a USB port. Easy to connect via Bluetooth in smartphones and tablets. 

The product size is 5.4*3.52*6.07 inches in length. The weight is 5.4 ounces, it is easy to carry. The Plantronics voyager focus model number is B825. The battery fixed is of lithium which is in it already. 

The product can be connected to several devices at a time. there are leatherette cushions to produce comfort for the users while using. Their OpenMic option lets you hear around the surrounding. The headphones have a triple microphone. You can connect this headset with a cordless phone.

8.9 rating

  • Excellent quality voice with numerous applications mics.
  • Good battery timing.
  • Ability to connect with multiple devices.
  • Reduces the noise to the maximum. 
  • Drops the mic quality on a dongle.

No products found.

8. HyperX Cloud II- a gaming headset 

No products found.

HyperX Cloud II– gaming headset is a gaming headset for the most comfortable ear cushions. The audio quality of this product is exceptional and natural. The noise cancellation sensors making it easy for the users to concentrate on games fully. it has padded leatherette headsets for ease of users. 

You can also detach the noise cancellation microphone to chat or hear your friend’s voice easily. Furthermore, you can get call loudly by detaching the noise cancellation microphone. The product has a long last material at a reasonable price. 

It is easy to use and compatible with various devices and systems. It has a special option to make your sound more interesting by turning on Hi-Fi gaming. Making it easy for you to enjoy what you have been missing in the game. 

Features and Specification

The product features to enhance your control over the game by giving you the proper sound quality. This new version needs to be selected as default audio in your settings. Additionally, the different operating systems have a different way of making it default. 

For the windows system, go to the control panel and open the hardware and sound, select the sound. Now change the setting to HyperX 7.1 to default audio if not currently default. If done properly it would show a green mark. Similarly, for mac operating system, select the system preference, open the sound, select the input tab, and make the HyperX 7.1 as default. 

Along with the microphone settings for the new version as it has to be selected manually. The weight of the product is 8.3 ounces. Mostly used for PlayStation and PC. The product dimensions are 4.33*4.33*3.54 inches and available at reasonable prices. 

9.4 rating

  • Very comfortable to use and lightweight
  • The sound quality is super even when the volume is loud.
  • The mic is crystal clear.
  • Less tangled wires 
  • Less durable
  • Not compatible with all systems

No products found.

9. Bose QuietComfort 35 II wireless Bluetooth

No products found.

Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II wireless Bluetooth has now come with the most perfect noise reduction element. Noise cancellation provides the best listening experience at any place. QuietComfort is the industry giant. It is considered one of the best headphones out there. Alexa has enabled them to access voice for different music and information. 

Moreover, the product has also a balanced performance even you increase the volume. The dual-microphone system gives better voice quality with clearer sound. The device can also be paired with other systems without any difficulty. 

The Bose QuietComfort 35 II provides the best focus for whatever you are passionate about listening to. The product has a multi-directional motion sensor. You can have a more clear call with the best sound quality. However, it is limited to iPad and iPhone users only. 

Features and specifications 

The QuietComfort wireless headphones have now a built-in Bose AR new feature that takes audio-only. You can update the Bose AR via any firmware which have Bose connect app. Moreover, you can adjust the noise reduction by setting it according to your ease via Bose connect app.

The volume optimization setting can provide a balanced performance of the sound quality. The product dimension is 3.2*6.7*7.1 inches and the weight is 8.3 ounce. The battery timing of the headset lasts up to 20 hours with a good comfortability level to wear all day long. 

The functionality is different for a different operating system. the wireless headphone has a built-in microphone in the earcup that do not require long cables for microphone access. Also, the product has an additional button that helps in using google assistant. 

8.5 rating

  • loud and impressive base.
  • The sound quality is balanced.
  • Handy
  • Comfortable to use without having pain. 
  • Limitations
  • Do not work properly after the update

No products found.

 10. Audio-Technica ATH-AD500X headphones 

No products found.

The Audio-Technica wired headphones work well without any pressure on the ears. They provide a natural sensation. The newly designed headphones with CCAW voice coils reproduce a very natural sound with a minimal but effective base. The vocals of the headphones are outstanding. 

These headphones are light in weight. The body of the product is aluminum. It has a self-adjusting 3D wing support the housing to stay and remain comfortable for the user. Soft and flexible cloth for earpads is used to increase durability and do not hurt your ear. 

It can also be used for gaming purposes as well. The EQ and base are good which makes the sound quality good for the end-user. The prices are $95.30 for this product in black color. The cable connections from a single side to prevent the tangling of wires. 

Features and Specifications

The newly designed headphones have 53mm, drivers. It is lightweight and has a casing of aluminum and magnesium. The product provides a natural voice without any pressure because of the open air. The oxygen-free copper highly conductive on the left side to prevent mini plugs. 

The wing support system adjusts and makes the headphones comfortable by adjusting with the head size.  The product dimension is 8.3*4.8*11.3 inches and the product weight is 1.21 pounds. The maximum hearing eligibility is 100dB/mW. The cable length is 3.0 inches. 

There is a detached adapter, its length is 6.33mm. moreover, it has different power input ranging from 500mW to 2000mW according to the series of the headphone. The connector is stereo gold-plated. You can also unplug the cord without any hustle. 

8.7 rating

  • Lightweight.
  • Reasonable price
  • Very clear and good sound
  • Minor base impact problem because of open-air headphones.


No products found.

11. Turtle beach elite atlas pro gaming headset

No products found.

The turtle beach gaming headset is now available with the most comfortable earpads. They have a sleek metal body that has a pad inside and swappable magnetic memory foam. The TruSpeak technology won’t let you miss any single command with its excellent audio and microphone.

A sports athletic fabric is used in the earpads to provide ease and comfortability level. Moreover, a separator is also incorporated to both inside and outside to isolate the noise. This isolation provides a better base and sound. The headphone works great for long hours of listening sessions. Your head wouldn’t hurt.

A ProSpec glass relief system is used to provide the gamer with the best sound quality. The new technologies are introduced in the headset to provide the player with a clearer sound. This headset is mainly used in gaming and released for gaming purposes at affordable prices.

Features and specifications 

This product is specifically designed for gaming purposes. The turtle beach elite atlas sets are the standard for audible sports. The newly installed ear cushions with athletic fabric making a good combination for better noise isolation. The sound is immensely clear.

The elite headset has 50mm nanoscale powerful speakers. They are specially installed to provide the crystal-clear voice to the teams. It has minimum or no distortion with less crisp sound. Also, it provides yours with the clearest microphones too. 

The prices are reasonable according to enhanced features. It ranges from $26 to $129. The weight is 2.15 ounce with the product dimension 9.84*4.09*10.28 inches. Furthermore, it has a cable system and not wireless. 


  • Work with several games.
  • Balance and clear sound.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Microphones work best for gaming purposes.
  • Low base quality


No products found.

12. SteelSeries arctics pro high fidelity gaming headset

No products found.

The SteelSeries arctics pro high gaming headset is now available with a luxurious casing. The aluminum alloy is used to increase the headset life and durability. The stunning sound quality with a high-density neodymium magnet produces a frequency up to 40K Hz. 

The motion sensors help to provide sound at 360 degrees immersion. The USB chat allows you to balance the volume between the game and chat audio. The arctic helps in reducing the noise and let the player focus on the game. The microphone frequency ranges up to 10,000 kHz. 

This new product is engineered with the new DTS headphone and specifically designed for gaming pcs and other systems. The innovative arctic goggle headband and air weave providing with the clearest sound ever. 

Features and specifications

The headset comes along with a 3.5mm long cable wire to play different games with comfortability. The beat effect in the SteelSeries is remarkable however not comparable with the beats but it still has a pure balanced sound effect. 

The product weight is 15 ounces and its dimension is 3.54*6.55*7.37 inches. This product has a different price range starting from $89 to $240 having different weights and dimensions as well. They are compatible with almost all types of games as mentioned. Also, the material is plastic and durable. 

8.5 rating

  • Good battery life.
  • The speakers are really good.
  • A clear voice from the mic.
  • Comfortable to wear for a long duration.
  • Overall good sound quality.
  • The wireless range not good.
  • Minimized adjustments


No products found.


Glasses wearers end up getting a headache or sore ears after wearing headphones for a while. Not every headphone is glasses-friendly. (If that’s a thing). If you’re someone whose work demands for them to wear a headphone, then the situation is worse. 

While investing in a headphone, first check the comfort. Is it good for long listening sessions? Will it make your head feel tightened after sometime? Is it soft? Are the ear-cups well padded? These are the questions you need answers for. 

If you’re looking for the best one, we’ll recommend Sony XM4, and Bose QuietComfort. They are a bit pricey, but have the features which most of the headsets don’t. They both have ANC which gives a different kind of experience. For a budget friendly option, you can go for Cowin E7. It’s one the best ones available in the market. If you’re looking for a gaming headset, go for HyperX Cloud II. 

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