8 Best Bone Conduction Headphones for Phone Calls – Best ones to buy in 2022

Looking for the best bone conduction headphones for phone calls? Read along. 

Bone conduction headphones are a new technology that has bombarded the audio-gadget industry. There are a lot of advancement we are hoping to see in the future, but as if now, bone conduction headphones are the name of providing a fit that wouldn’t slip away. 

If you are someone who has always had trouble finding a well-fit headphone, bone conduction headphones would be your go-to. If you are someone with a hearing problem, these headphones can help you make calls, watch TV shows and enjoy some good music. 

Bone conduction headphones are used by athletes as well – want to hear your trainer while listening to some music? Bone conduction headphones will become your partner. That being said, one thing that irritates most of the people is taking off their headphones to be able to pick calls. 

Why should we spend so much money if we can’t even take calls? That’s the question that blows up their mind. Even if the headphones have mic, the mic doesn’t cancel out the background noise and you have to take off your headphones to take calls regardless of owning a headphones that carries a mic – That’s worse. So, what we’ll suggest you are noise canceling bone conduction headphones which are a great deal to be honest.

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So, if you are looking for headphones with a good fit that wouldn’t press onto your neck, but is also call-friendly then here’s a list of 8 best bone conduction headphones for phone calls.

What does the article offer?

  • 8 detailed product reviews
  • Specification and features of the products mentioned
  • Pros and Cons
  • Top recommendation

Let’s dive in, but before that you might be wondering, ‘what do I exactly look for in a bone conduction headphone?’ Here’s an answer to that;

What Do I look for in a bone conduction headphone?

Here’s how you can narrow down your options and ultimately find the best one that suits your needs well;

  1. Look for the one with good battery life. On average, bone conduction headphones give you 6-7 hours of playback time, so any headphone that offers less than that isn’t a great one to be considered. 
  2. Comfort. You can’t compromise here. Looking for headphones that are comfortable and wouldn’t hurt your neck/ears after long listening sessions is the right choice to make. 
  3. If you want to use them while swimming, find the one that is water-proof. 
  4. Best bone conduction headphones for cycling are the ones that wouldn’t put much weight on your ears and wouldn’t warm up the area after long listening sessions. These should be lightweight so you can easily run and cycle. 
  5. You shouldn’t compromise on sound quality. Learn how the headphone performs when you listen to it on a higher volume – Does it end up giving a tingling sound or works just fine? 
  6. Getting wireless ones are better. You wouldn’t have to untangle the wires and can use the headphones with complete independence. 

The best bone conduction headphones for phone calls – Making your life easy

1. AfterShokz open-ear wireless bone conduction headphones — #1 Recommendation  

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It if one of the best budget bone conduction headphones that you can find in the market today. Aftershokz headphones are now providing the best sound quality on phone calls with the best microphone. This product Trekz air build is almost 20% lighter in weight than the other designs. Manufactured in a way to provide maximum comfort to the user.  

This wireless headphone has optimum quality compared to traditional headphones. The bone conduction technology is introduced with the most user-friendly features. They deliver the music and stereotype music with its premium bass. 

Designed to deliver crystal clear voice without deteriorating the sound quality. Moreover, the product is made considering the athletes. They are sweatproof and secured to use. you can hear your surrounding voices and sound, keeping you aware of your surroundings.

Furthermore. The product has s special feature that is the reflective strips. These are one of the best bone conduction headphones for cycling. They help in safe running, cycling, and when doing exercise.  They are so light in weight that you would not feel them wearing. They provide the best experience so far. 

Features and specifications

Looking for noise-canceling headphones? These are the best noise-canceling bone conduction headphones that you will find in the market today. The product comes with the best reflective strips. The exclusive pack is available with trekz air wireless bone conduction headphones. The strips keep you open to answering any voice calling or talking to you with ease. The product is directly fixed on your ear. 

Furthermore, the headphones have an active noise cancellation feature. They are designed for long-term wear. The material is organic making it lighter in weight. The battery life of the headphones is six hours continuous. You can wear them all day long without getting tired. 

Besides, the Aftershokz bone conduction technology has Bluetooth v4.2 connectivity. The wireless connectivity makes it compatible with multiple devices simultaneously. They can be paired with iOS and Android. Also, they can be easily paired with mac, computers, laptops, and tablets. 

The product is incorporated with premium pitch technology. It makes the sound and audio bass-rich. Moreover, the product has the feature to control the sound leakage naturally with the leaks layer technology. Besides, the dual-noise canceling feature to experience on-the-go audio. 

The product is canyon red in color and weighing around 1.06 ounces. Best headphones in an affordable range. 


  • The sound quality is premium and good.
  • No wires entanglement.
  • Comfortable to use for long hours. lighter in weight.
  • Flexible product.
  • Reasonable price with this sound quality.
  • The bass effect could have been better.
  • The neckband can’t be adjusted.

No products found.

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2. AfterShokz Titanium bone conduction wireless headphones

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The AfterShokz titanium wireless headphones are similar to Trekz air in appearance. They look smart while wearing. They have a little thick neckband. Moreover, the product is available in different colors that are ocean blue, pink, slate grey, green. 

The product is an open ear design having bone conduction providing premium sound. The open air also helps in ambient sound. This product can be used by athletes in their sports. Highly recommended for sports, cycling, and a gym. 

The IP55 rating is incorporated to protect it from dust, moisture, and sweat. These headphones resist the rainiest runs. They are easy to control with their multifunction button. The product can be used for long hours on a single charge. They can be used for 6 hours straight. 

Moreover, bone conduction technology provides sound through the cheekbones. Keeping you aware of the surroundings. The titanium headphones get fixed on your head. Keeps the frame grip firm even doing several different activities. 

Features and specifications

This product comes along with a drawstring carrying case, USB charging cables, and earplugs. The multifunction button helps in play, pause, skip, answer calls, mute, and activate the voice assistant. They have dual noise cancellation microphones for crystal clear voices. 

The sound leakage of this product is awesome. It has the best control over sound leakage. They can be used in the office too. Your surrounding cannot hear what you are listening to. The maximum wireless range is 33feet. They are also water-resistant. The battery charges to full in 1.5-2 hours.

The minimum and maximum frequencies are 20hz to 20khz. The sensitivity is set to 100 decibels. The Bluetooth connectivity is 4.0.  The stand-by time is 10 days. They are flexible to wear, can be adjusted according to the head size. The neckband is coated with silicone. 

The product can be worn for longer durations. The weight of the product is 1.27 ounces. The pairing process is easy and quick. The sound quality is on point. Besides, these headphones can be paired with different devices at a time.


  • Perfect for sports, making phone calls for long durations.
  • Crystal clear voice.
  • Comfortability is good with quality sound.
  • Lighter in weight.
  • It can be worn for longer periods without getting tired.
  • A good range for exceptional headphones.
  • The bass effect is not good.
  • Does not isolate the background voice completely.

No products found.

3. Aftershokz aeropex open ear wireless headphones

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The aeropex open ear bone conduction is designed to provide premium quality sound with ease. The sound is delivered through the cheekbones. The product is featuring a multifunctional button for multiple actions. Moreover, it has a long-lasting battery that means long duration phone calls. 

The headphones are waterproof however not suitable to be used while swimming. They can be used for big adventures. They are very light in weight and comfortable to wear. The headphones provide you pain-free usage throughout the entire day. 

You can listen to your favorite song without feeling like you are wearing something. They are sweatproof and protects it from moisture. Furthermore, these bone conduction headsets are portable having fine quality sound. 

The product can control voices from the surrounding. You cannot hear voices from the surrounding. Moreover, they are compatible with different operating systems without any difficulties. The sound leakage is also impeccable. 

Features and specifications

The package comes with the aerepex Bluetooth, earbuds, 2 magnetic cable chargers, and a silicone casing. They have a battery duration of 8 hours continuous. It is one of the best headphones with longer battery timing. The battery won’t annoy you for keeping it charged. 

The IP67 waterproof rating is incorporated in the headphones to maximize the protection from water, moisture, and sweats. Moreover, a sensor to detect moisture is installed in it to alert the user to charge it safely without moisture. Besides, the dual noise-canceling mics help in providing a crystal-clear voice.

The multifunction button can easily play, pause, skip, adjust volume, activate voice assistant, and answer calls. The product weighs around 0.917 ounces. It is the lightest headphone to wear and very flexible with great sound quality. 

The product can be paired easily with multiple devices like iOS and Android. Moreover, they can be paired with more than one device at a time. The signal range is approximately 20-30feet. They can be used for longer distances. 

9.7 Rating

  • Highly comfortable with great sound quality.
  • The magnetic charger making charging super easy.
  • Improved vibrations.
  • Works great for phone calls with its microphone.
  • They can be used with Siri on iPhone.
  • Long battery life.
  • Connect with multiple devices at a time.
  • The range is pretty good.
  • Easy to pair.
  • The epic stereo effect of these headphones.
  • The loud volume increases the tickling sound.
  • A bit of uncomfortable for glasses wearers.

No products found.

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4. Vidonn F1 open ear wireless headphones

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The vidoon F1 open ear is the best alternative for traditional headphones. They have the best stereotype music with advanced bone conduction technology. It also has earbuds with its open ear design. Furthermore, the headsets got a fix on the head safely and securely.

Moreover, the product has instilled Bluetooth connectivity latest version. It has a CSR Bluetooth V5.0 chip. The vidonn F1 has a good call reduction quality providing much clearer calls and music. They are also used in sports a lot. Designed to target the sports group as well. 

They are sweatproof. Also, help in hearing voices and sounds from surrounding. As it is designed to keep aware of the surroundings, unlike other designs and headphones. You can enjoy music and phone calls while keeping aware of the surrounding. 

This product is simple and convenient to operate. It has a single button that multifunctions. Moreover, you can hang them on your neck while driving to drive safely. They are highly recommended for outdoor activities. 

Features and specifications

These bone conduction headphones provide you the sound via cheekbone into your ear. They are designed in a way to avoid any mishap. Besides, the Bluetooth connectivity latest version has made it paired faster with other devices. It is compatible with multiple devices. 

Additionally, the signal range of the product is remarkable. They can be used up to 33 feet of distance. The headphones are reliable to use for longer distances. (if no barrier space). The IP55 rating is incorporated to protect it from water and resist light rainfall. 

The ergonomic design makes the headphones more comfortable. You can play your sports easily with this set. Moreover, the titanium alloy fixation in the headphones made it stronger and flexible. It is highly textured. It has made them lighter in weight and comfortable. 

They can be easily worn for a longer duration tirelessly unless discharged. The product weighs 1.28 ounces. The battery is of 180mAh lithium. They can be used for 6 hours long straight. The charging time is 2 hours to completely get charged. The standby time is 10 days. 

9.1 Rating

  • There’s wax buildup on earbuds.
  • Longer battery timing.
  • Comfortable to wear and flexible.
  • Lighter in weight.
  • Good quality sound with affordable price ranges.
  • They can be fixed on the head without any difficulties.
  • The button location is not suitable.
  • The volume adjustment variance with different angles.

No products found.

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5. WGP Bone conduction headphones open ear wireless headsets

No products found.

These bone conduction headphones are made up of food-grade silicone. They are well designed. You won’t feel any pain if you wear them for a longer duration. Moreover, the headphones have a built-in bone conduction hearing aid engine that is fixed. 

The product works on the principle of a multifunction button. You press it one time to stop, answer, play or pause anything you are listening to. You press it 2 times to skip the next track. You press it 3 times to skip the last track. 

Furthermore, the headphones have longer battery timing. They have also anti-violence bending; you can bend them in any direction. They have 360 degrees support for bending. The product is waterproof. They are coated with nanotechnology providing usage in all weather conditions. 

Also, the product keeps you aware of the surroundings happening. They prevent hearing impairment. They are flexible and lighter in weight. Moreover, the headphones are durable and portable to carry. 

Features and specifications

The ergonomic and anti-drop design titanium design has made it lighter and comfortable to wear. The headbands got a fix on your head quickly. Moreover, the truly wireless headphones are now available with the latest Bluetooth version V5.0. they can be easily paired with other devices. 

The Bluetooth sets have a range for wireless connection up to 45 feet. You can ensure the stable performance of the product with quality sound even with longer distances. The stereo sound remains impeccable. The price for this headband is also reasonable. 

The product has a special USB port for charging. The battery timing is 6 hours straight. You can recharge the battery completely in 2 hours. they can remain on standby mode for 240 hours. the built-in 170mAh lithium battery is installed inside. Moreover, do not overcharge the battery as it will reduce battery life. 

Your purchase is risk-free. Our customer services provide a 60 days hassle-free return policy. It also has 1 year of service on your purchase. The IP56 waterproof rating is installed to protect it from moisture and sweat as well.  The product weighs around 4.6 ounces. 

9.3 rating

  • They are solidly made headphones.
  • They are comfortable to wear for longer durations.
  • They easily fit around your skull.
  • According to the price, the performance is pretty decent.
  • The long-distance signals.
  • The Bass effect is mediocre.
  • The set has a sound leakage problem on higher volume.

No products found.

6. Aftershokz bluez 2S open-ear wireless headphones

No products found.

Aftershokz bluez 2S open ear wireless headphone is now available with the most reliable and convenient Bluetooth performance. This bone conduction technology has now provided a whole new way of using headphones. They use earbuds, unlike conventional headphones. 

The product is also cheaper than its other models. It is best for you if you want to buy something good in lower ranges. The headphones completely keep you aware of the surrounding doings. The sound is transmitted through your cheekbones into your ear. 

The innovative technology has made it further comfortable and exceptionally lightweight. The open ear design provided ambient sound quality. Besides, the premium pitch is incorporated for dual suspension transducers to provide the finest bone conduction audio. 

The headphones are coated with nanoparticles to keep them away from water and any kind of moisture and dust. The leakSlayer is installed in the headphones to naturally reduce the leakage of the sound. The dual microphones deliver clearer voices. 

Features and specifications

The product appearance is smart and good. The color of the product is neon. The aftershokz product pays great attention to the presentation. The box comes along with a casing for headphones, micro-USB charging cable, elastic strap. There are 2 stickers inside the package. 

The product also has a user guide and a 2-year warranty. The bone conduction headphones have plastic bands and earbuds. The product is IP55 rating waterproof and dust resistant. They are comfortable to wear but not too much. 

The headphones have Bluetooth connectivity version 4.0. They are easy and quick to pair with other devices. Even with different operating systems. The signal range is up to 33 feet long. The pair provide stable signals connection maintaining the sound quality for longer distances. 

The product has 3 buttons to control the volume. The other button to play, pause and skip the track. Another button for pairing it with other devices. There is also a led indicator and micro-USB charging port enclosed with a rubber flap. 

The battery life is 6 hours continuous on complete charging. They have standby mode for up to 10 days. The battery recharges in 2 hours.

9.0 rating

  • Built-in mics perform well.
  • The battery timing is good in this price range.
  • Good sound quality.
  • The noise-cancellation effect is not available.
  • A noisy environment deteriorates the sound effect.

No products found.

7. Tayogo bone conduction headphones

No products found.

The tayogo bone conduction wireless headphones do not block background noise or voices. It keeps you updated with the surroundings even when wearing the headphones. The tayogo headphones have especially introduced the bone conduction technology open-ear design to provide the soundest quality voices. 

The headphones do not limit the natural sound. They can be used in different places like offices, while traveling, running, at the gym, and much more. The headset provides a high-fidelity sound. The premium quality Bluetooth delivers sound without any interruption.

The headphones are coated with chemicals to protect them from sweat. You can easily answer calls while doing anything with just a click. They can be used for a phone call for a longer duration. The maximum duration can go up to 6 to7 hours for phone calls. 

The product is safe and secure to use. They are comfortable to wear for longer durations. The built-in microphone helps you receive calls while doing exercise. The range and bass have a good range and effect. 

Features and specifications

The tayogo headphone provides with the best experience for bone conduction technology in reasonable prices. The price is $29.99. The design is an open-ear wireless connection. They are flexible to fit on your head. 

The battery recharging timing is 1.5 to 2 hours. They can be used for 6 hours straight. The standby mode is 7 days. The Bluetooth is easy to pair with other devices. Moreover, they can be paired with different operating systems like iOS and Android without any difficulty.

The headphones have the latest Bluetooth version 5.0 making it quicker to pair through wireless connections. They are lighter in weight; it weighs approximately 5.6 ounces. It does not make you feel tired after wearing a longer duration.  

The package includes tayogo bone conduction headphones along with 1 instruction manual, 1 USB cable, 2 earplugs. Moreover, the product has a deep bass effect for premium sound and music quality. The product provides a home quality sound with a reliable range and easy to go. 

8.9 rating

  • The vocals are clear.
  • The signal range is 30-40 feet, a sound range in this price.
  • Affordable headphones.
  • The controlling system is easy.
  • Easy to wear and comfortable.
  • The multi pairing of the devices simultaneously is not available.
  • A slight leakage of the sound at a higher volume.

No products found.

8. MilanSo bone conduction headphones

No products found.

The MilanSo bone conduction headphone is one of the best bone conduction headphones for phone calls available in the market today.The MilanSo wireless bone conduction headphones provide the best sound quality with it’s the newest technology. They provide good sound even in noisy environments. The product is suitable to use for outdoor activities. 

The headphone can produce louder volumes in this price range for noisy environments. Moreover, the bass effect is deep in this bone conduction technology. The non-slip design keeps it fix around the head without annoying to keep adjusting the headphones. 

Moreover, the product is waterproof. The IP56 rating is incorporated in the headphones to protect them from power water splashes. They are lighter in weight as if you feel like you are not wearing anything. 

Furthermore, the basic operations are easy to use. Also, the battery timing is perfect for long phone calls. They are compatible with several devices without any specifications. The headphones are flexible and have a good range. 

Features and specifications

The product provides the latest Bluetooth version 5.0 connectivity. This helps in the quicker pairing of devices. It can be paired with different operating systems like iOS, Android, tablets, smartwatches, laptop, Mac, PC. The signal transmission ranges us up to 33 feet long distance. The distance does not disturb the sound quality and performance. 

The battery has a playback timing of 6 hours straight. They can stay on standby time till 10 days on complete charging. The headphones are equipped with a lithium battery of 200 mAh. It takes the headphones to completely charge in 2 hours. 

The product includes a micro-USB charging port. It also has a led indicator. When the headphones are completely charged the light turns to blue from red. It tells the user with paired with a device. The product weighs around 5 ounces. Comfortable to wear. 

 Furthermore, the device has multiple buttons for a different purposes. One the on/off button, the second is for volume adjustment, the other one is the charging port. It has another button that is for receiving calls, play, pause or stop the music. 

8.5 rating

  • Great quality sound for noisy environments.
  • Unexpected good bass effect.
  • Non-slip design help to remain fit on the head.
  • Dustproof and waterproof coating.
  • The signal range is longer with good sound quality.
  • Longer battery timing.
  • Lighter in weight, easy to wear for longer durations.
  • Affordable price.
  • The vocals got muddy sometimes.
  • Cannot be used for audiobooks and podcasts.

No products found.

Final thoughts

Above, we reviewed one of the best bone conduction headphones for phone calls that you’ll find in the market. Before buying any product, what you basically do is understand what your need is – This helps narrowing down the choices for you. For example, if you have to wear conduction headphones while cycling, we would recommend you the AfterShokz open-ear wireless bone conduction headphones – It is literally one of the best bone conduction headphones available. 

Getting a headphone that carries the feature of noise cancellation can be an utmost plus. You can easily take calls without having your headphones taken off. They will also help kill the background noise so the voice is clear and crisp. 

If you are looking for top 3 recommendations, here’s what we would recommend; 

  • MilanSo bone conduction headphones
  • WGP Bone conduction headphones open ear wireless headsets
  • AfterShokz open-ear wireless bone conduction headphones

These headphones benefit people with hearing issues as well. What you basically need is a headphone that fits well, can be used for making calls, is comfortable for glasses wearers as well as for long listening sessions, good battery life (if wireless), and carries additional features which might benefit you more!

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