8 Best Bone Conduction Headphones Under 50

I’m back but thank God, I have got no story to start the article with (Happens rarely but we role with it). For all the lads out there who can’t find a headphone with a decent fit, bone conduction headphones will save you from all the money you might spend on finding the right one. 

So, we have already told you the benefits of investing in a bone conduction headphones. We have previously talked about the best noise-canceling bone conduction headphones, the best ones for swimming and the adjustable ones. Here, we have got 8 best bone conduction headphones under 50 dollars. We don’t want you to spend a hundred dollars for a headphone, so we’ll recommend the best and the most affordable ones available out there.

Before deciding on one, do compare the products’ battery life, warranty, fit, comfort, and additional features such as being waterproof and sweat-proof. 

Disclaimer: One or two might be a little over 50 dollars, but you get the drill, right? 

What does the article comprises of Anyway?

You’ll get to know the following: 

  1. Eight best bone conduction headphones under 50. 
  2. We will talk about the features and specifications in detail. 
  3. Pros and cons of each product. 
  4. Top 3 recommendations. 
  5. No story as an introduction (I am sparing you this time haha)

So, lets’ dig in! 

8 Kick-ass Bone conduction headphones under 50 Bucks 


Tayogo Bone Conduction Headphones, Wireless Bluetooth Bone...
  • 🎵【Bone Conduction Headphones & Open-Ear Headphones】-...
  • 🎵【High-Fidelity Sound & 5.0 Bluetooth Headphones】- Our...
  • 🎵【Durable & Comfortable】- Bone Conduction Headphones weigh...
  • 🎵【Multifunction Button & 200mAH Battery】- Ear bone...

Melodious rap can wipe out your regular stress. Why not take on them in your regular activities, apart from your spare time lying on couches. No more surprises! We reveal to you an amazing product, ‘Tayogo Bone Conduction Headphones,’ that combines functionality and aesthetics in the same spot. 

 Tayogo Bone Conduction Headphone is the ultimate choice for melody lovers once you grab this! You’ll love to dump your classic headphones that are more a burden on your eardrum than adding convenience to your lifestyle. We’ve ended your search here with a much-needed partner to complement your activities such as swimming, driving, jogging, cycling, and much more! 

 You’ll definitely be convinced moments later; just stick with us to know the outstanding specs and features. 


COLOR Available in 3 colors FORM FACTOR In Ear


Opting for this smart choice over your in-ear earbuds will let you enjoy a supreme quality sound without cutting off surrounding ambient sounds. These headphones catering great sound clarity with improved comfort can work well while driving, providing you the experience of a safer ride that you’re missing before.


The quality product features the sleekest and stylish design that will make others glimpse in utter amazement. Once you place it on your cheekbone, you’ll feel pretty comfortable with it even for long hours. Yes, that’s true! You’ll be free from any sort of discomfort and soreness around your ears as these are smartly engineered. For supporting a comfy and stable grip, they fully wrap around your head from the back of your ears that fit perfectly whether you Jim or jog. 


The light and flexible structure is not the only thing Tayogo headphones cater to. Our product accompanies additional technology features. Now enjoy advanced Bluetooth connectivity features and pair them up with your desired gadgets anywhere, anytime! You’ve plenty of options to go for. Either connecting a smartwatch, tablet, or any android device, a hassle-free pairing with your compatible devices is no more a big deal with this excellent gear. 


There will be no more fastened loops or twisted wirings with regular earbuds that first draw your effort to unbind each use. Investing in such a wonderful wireless article will ease the cable issues that often bothers you. 

Moreover, the high-fidelity sound with dynamic range and deep bass will give you a quality listening experience. The smart headphone design carries a built-in microphone feature to support incoming calls as well. 

This isn’t over yet; here’s one more spec to go. The product is specially engineered to meet your long time needs. Now you can avail the benefits for long from our noise-canceling bone conduction headphone with its long-lasting battery life that works up to six hours without any disruptions.


  • Features Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.
  • Easy pairing with compatible devices.
  • Long battery time that lasts up to six hours.
  • High-quality HD sound.
  • Lightweight, sweatproof and durable.
  • Supports listening to ambient sounds.
  • High-quality built-in mic.
  • Comes in a single size.
  • No adjustability feature.
  • Adjusting to higher volumes may result in hearing loss.

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2. GZCRDZ New Bone Conduction Headphone 

No products found.

A versatile listening is the prime preference of your busy lifestyle. You don’t need to miss on people surrounding you, neither your relaxing acoustic remedy to reduce stress through pleasing tracks, favorite podcasts, audiobooks, or a chatty time with friends and family. 

Switch to a multi hearing mood, choosing the best bone conduction headphones under 50. Amazon has stockpiled an amazing GZCRDZ New Bone Conduction Headphone set that provides a real deal with an open ear listening experience. You’ve never imagined such a quality pact can be yours, too, even on a low budget due to availability of these best bone conduction  headphones under 50 bucks. Isn’t it great? 


COLORS Available in 3 colors CONNECTIVITY Wired
Weight 20 grams HEADPHONES JACK 3.5 mm


There’s simply no rule of thumb for a quality piece always costs you hefty amounts. The incredible specs and features will definitely make you fall in love with this masterpiece. With its minimal design and lightweight feature, carrying with convenience is now more a possibility than a probability. 


This product can be your perfect on-the-go sports partner. Sweating may damage your electronic hearing gears but not with this one. This product is absolutely heat and water-resistant sports. With this best bone conduction headphones for cycling, you can enjoy your regular sporty two-wheeling activity in a fun-loving, way. 


The headphones facilitate a one-sided cable for connectivity. Just plug in your gear with the device and experience a great piece of listening to your favorite audio without abandoning the important surrounding sounds while traveling or working. The 3.5mm audio jack is able to support your iPhone and broadly Android smartphones.


You need firm grip headphones while letting on a bumpy journey. These headphones are featured with a non-slip rubber strap that locks around your head comfortably. Furthermore, the built-in microphone attached to the cable won’t wander back and forth as the clips provided can keep it still in place.


 With aesthetics, functionality is often one of your major concerns. The device widely supports this function and comes with BC900 supplies, handy fixtures, and peripheral equipment that delivers much-needed protection to mobile users.


  • 3.5 mm audio jack.
  • One-sided cable for connectivity.
  • Water-resistant, lightweight and portable.
  • Supporting peripheral devices for user security.
  • Noise reduction microphone.
  • Lowest price than others.
  • Doesn’t support the latest Bluetooth connectivity technology.
  • Unsatisfactory carrying convenience with one-sided wire.

No products found.

3. Vidonn F1 Bone Conduction Headphones

No products found.

Switching to the latest technology is more a need than a preference. The audio gadgets, too, aren’t lagging in this zone. The best alternate option to your conventional headphones is on the market right now. We proudly present you with one of the best bone conduction headphones; Vidonn F1. (it is a little over 50, but does the job right).  

The cheaper but technology-infused product will let you still hear what’s going around you without abandoning listening to your favorite raps. These won’t cover your ear lobes at all as it settles on your cheekbone and transmits sound through vibrations to your eardrum.

This sweat-proof headset is basically a sports bone conduction headset.  


COLOR Available in 3 colors CONNECTIVITY Bluetooth


To make your water sport more enjoyable, this worthy item can serve you well with its waterproof ability. Sprang into the pool of water with our best bone conduction headphones for swimming and enjoy a swimming expedition to the fullest degree. 


A comfy wearing is surely your next desire with this handy audio hearing gear for long-term wear. The material, however, serves you the best with its titanium alloy bridge, soft and flexible body. 


Our product ensures its durable design after undergoing rigorous testing. It won’t lose its shape or deform even after bending or twisting to a 360• angle. This Sleek and stylish structure is further supported by IPRS waterproof feature with a skin-friendly material that cleans off easily. 


Here comes another worthy feature! The easy wireless feature removes your hassle to unwind the tangled cables before use. Just placing rightly on your cheekbone and ready to rock with your on-the-go headphones. 


 The Bluetooth V4.1 connective device with CSR chipset will let you stay tuned to your audios even from 10 meter distance. This feature reduces your effort to uphold your paired device in hand or pocket when you’re at a safer place such as home or while driving in a car. It allows easy pairing with your tablets, smartphones, and other android devices.


The product stands out when it comes to sound quality and bass. It’s incredibly good with its audio technology providing the best audio experience along with lowering the escape of natural sound. The touch features are highly sensitive. It works on a one-touch operation for playing, stopping, pausing audios, or attending calls. This smooth functioning allows you greater flexibility and a sense of security while driving. 


You just can’t have a better deal than this. It has got plenty more to serve you with its fast charging, playback time up to 6 hours, 7 days standby, user-friendly agronomic design for convenient carrying, and last but not least a 12 months warranty.

9.7 Rating

  • Flexibility tested design.
  • 180mAh Li built-in battery works fast but on power-saving mode.
  • Long-battery time with a faster-charging feature.
  • IPXS Waterproof, lightweight made with titanium alloy,
  • Bluetooth V4.1 connectivity with CSR chipset.
  • High fidelity sound with a built-in microphone.
  • Listening in a noisy area is hard with these open-ear headphones.

No products found.

4. WGP Bone conduction headphones

WGP Bone Conduction Headphones Open Ear Wireless Headsets...
  • 【BONE CONDUCTION TECHNOLOGY】 Works by vibrations, sound...
  • 【COMFORTABLE WEARING】Ergonomic and anti-drop design, titanium...
  • 【TRULY WIRELESS & FREE EARS】The latest Bluetooth V5.0...
  • 【FAST CHARGING & LONG USING TIME】Build in 170mAh Lithium...

 If you’re one amongst a sporty individual, regular workouts are going to be a definite part of your daily schedule. Why not boost it up? Yes, you can maximize it by pairing it up with a smart headphone. The technology we brought you is unlike your conventional headphones. Give up using them and try our smart and rightly featured WGP Bone conduction headphones. 

The new bone conduction technology of the WGP audio hearing gadget delivers aesthetics of your ever loved melodies through the cheekbone without covering your ears. Staying privy to your outdoor surroundings while listening to your audio clips or phone calls is no more a hurdle with this upgraded gadget. 


COLORS Available in 1 color FORM FACTOR Open air


Once you own it, you’ll admit to the drastic optimistic changes it can bring to your regular hectic working routine. The product is capable of being carried for long hours. It won’t hurt or irritate your outer ear even after long use as it carries an unusual wearing method. The flexible and lightweight body clings over your head behind the ears and rightly settles to your cheekbone. 


Besides great functionality, the infused silicon material also delivers great hygienic quality. The easy cleaning gadgets allow no room for breeding bacteria in your ear canal. Due to its superior agronomic design, you will have a bounce-free experience that fits fully to various head shapes. Further, the material is sturdy. Investing to own such a product can satisfy your long term needs, evidence of which is its non-deformable body. 


Apart from its incredible outlook, the product offers you a wireless connectivity feature with 5.0 version Bluetooth. Distance doesn’t matter anymore with this. Spare your hands and pockets with your paired devices and enjoy the ultimate sound experience from a 45 feet connection distance. The upgraded acoustic device is compatible with plenty of high-tech gadgets ranging from iOS and Android smartphones to mac computers, laptops, and tablets. 


Not just these specs and features, the product is highly preferred by our buyers for its quality HD sound and recommended as the best noise-canceling bone conduction headphones. Even increasing the volume won’t affect the sound quality and remains at par excellence with deep bass and fewer vibrations. 


Moreover, an extended battery life that stays with you up to 6 hours, a 240 hours standby time, is sweat-proof, and a refund policy are all of the distinguishing traits that make it stand out from the rest of the brands. 

9.1 Rating

  • Easily operable with a single touch.
  • Bluetooth connectivity V5.0.
  • Wireless range lasts up to 45-feet
  • Good for outdoor sports activities.
  • Made from a fine flexible and hygienic silicone material.
  • Adjustable to all head sizes.
  • None found.

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No products found.

Wasted many hours on the internet while scanning optimum wireless earphones and still not satisfied with the research? Don’t get down, as we have found the best bone conduction headphone for phone calls to save you from tedious and confusing surveying. Check out the stylish IYY bone conduction wireless headphones and decide is it the one you are looking for?

The IYY bone conduction blue tooth earphones are documented in the best bone conduction headphones under 50, because of their numerous fascinating features and advantages. Let us dive deep into the details of this smart gadget to help you make a valuable investment.


COLORS  Available in 2 colors WATER RESISTANCE TECHNOLOGY Waterproof
CONNECTIVITY Bluetooth WEIGHT 1.12 ounces


The first and everlasting impact is the visual ones. The sleek and stylish open ear headsets embody an elegant look to boost your personality, and the decent grey color adds up more value to it. Apart from a handsome glance, these versatile headphones furnish quality aspects to meet your expectations.


Firstly, IYY Bluetooth headphones deliver excellent sound quality, which is the focusing element of any headset. You can enjoy crystal clear sounds during phone calls in style. The most problematic factor of ordinary headphones is that it cuts you off from the surroundings. But this meaningful innovation enables you to hear other sounds as well.


Secondly, the gorgeous headphones encompass a light mass of only 33g to subtract the excessive burden from your ear. Moreover, it contains a 200mAh lithium battery for unstoppable entertainment. Just charge your headphones for 2 hours and begin the extensive enjoyment.


Most importantly, the IYY Bluetooth headsets flourish easy connectivity with other devices. The quick Bluetooth pairing guarantees a durable and robust connection within 33ft. In addition to this, the wireless lifesaving gadget also saves you from the tangled wires and irritating cables.


Above all, the phenomenal headphones are flexible and bend according to your requirements. The perfect fitting sets you free for any activity without bothering about the falling out of the headphones. Besides this, you can enjoy light rain or swim with these titanium headphones, as they are waterproof also.


In the last, it is essential to highlight that the quality headphones contain two multi-functional buttons for volume adjustments and countering the calls. Further, you can also play and pause music with it. Moreover, friendly customer service is a promise with this valuable investment.

9.1 Rating

  • Lightweight and bendable
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Long battery life
  • Affordable
  • Waterproof
  • It may not fit satisfactorily.

No products found.


No products found.

Individuals are now more adaptable to a smart lifestyle. Relying on conventional earbuds is a less stellar choice for those who are aware of the use of advanced open ear headphone technology. If you’re browsing for such a functional hearing gear look no further as we brought you the best pick from the best bone conduction headphones under 50. Here we move forward with our top-notch Yamipho Mini Bone-conduction headphones.


COLORS Single color MATERIAL Abs


We understand the discomfort your regular earbuds bring to your ears. Cherish the news! This latest technology infused product is easy and pain-free to carry whether you work, drive or amuse your spirit in leisure hours. 


The bone conduction technology with an open fit design smoothly fits on every type of head. Wearing this piece for long hours won’t bother you for long, as it is featherlight and very delicately designed. 


Surprisingly, you can enjoy a longer  9H playtime for just 1.5 hours of charging time. It’s a great deal for an unstoppable acoustic experience.


When we say quality, we do point out one of its basic factors that are material. Flexibility and lightweight features are a result of the fine disposition of titanium alloy and ABS material. It’s unimaginable to find such the best conduction headphones for just under 50 bucks! 


Besides great outlooks, the product focuses equally on maintaining the quality of the internal composition. With its supreme and wide range of acoustical themes, you won’t regret your buying decision once you start using it. Flattering you out not just quality listening, but a crisp vocal experience as well with the built-in microphone, that works on noise reduction technology.


If finally approached to a purchase decision, you’re going to have plenty of additional benefits through great customer support, a 12-month warranty, and guess the interesting part? A 24h lifelong technical consultation. 

9.3 rating

  • Able to recognize voice assistant (Siri)
  • IP65 Waterproof, durable, and lightweight ( 0.88 ounces)
  • Dual connectivity feature.
  • Up to 9 hours of playtime.
  • 24h working customer support helpline.
  • Difficult to operate, one must read the manual first.

No products found.


Bone Conduction Headphones Bluetooth 5.0 Open Ear Wireless...
  • Bigvapor Great invention one Conduction Headphones are designed...
  • Comfortable and Safe: EULIQ The Bone Conduction Headphones using...
  • Usage Scenario: EULIQ Bone Conduction Headphones are sturdy and...
  • Product Configuration by Bigvapor : Built-in 200 milliampere...

In this modern era, earphones have become a mandatory device for all of us. Our challenging and busy schedule pressurizes us to manage multiple tasks at a time. Therefore, we require a smart and convenient gadget to entertain ourselves during other missions.

Modernize yourself and replace the former wired earphones with the new best budget bone conduction headphones; Presenting you the Bone Conduction Bluetooth headphones from the brand Vape only. 


COLORS Available in 3 colors WEIGHT 5.6 ounces


Apart from mesmerizing features, the worthy gadget upholds a premium look. More than this, it is available in four diverse colors to match the choices of different people.


The best part of bone conduction headphones is that they are wireless, and the creative design of these earphones saves your fragile ears from any discomfort. In addition to this, it enables you to hear the world around you during cycling, driving, running, or any other activity.


Want more? The luxurious gadgets have been formulated with advanced technology which flourishes excellent sound quality through vibration. The recent advancement makes it suitable, even for people with hearing disabilities. 


Furthermore, easy pairing with any Bluetooth device is a promise with this worthwhile appliance. Keep your cell phones aside and enjoy listening to your favorite songs or make long phone calls with a strong connection that works perfectly within a distance of 10m.


Another commendable aspect of these Bluetooth earphones is their long-run 200 milliamp battery. Listen to music for seven days or make audio calls for five days by charging it once for only two hours. The quality gadget is durable and can adjust itself accordingly, to deliver you a perfect fit. 


Bring on the ultimate sportsmanship while enjoying your favorite tracks with this extraordinary device. The excellent fitting prevents the unexpected falling during energetic moves. Moreover, it can overcome the sweating issue because of incorporating water resistance technology.


Seems difficult to operate? Don’t worry; a readable and instructive user manual comes along with this product for proper guidance.

8.9 rating

  • Stylish
  • Water-resistant
  • Available in different colors
  • Works within the range of 10 m
  • Long run battery
  • Requires precise handling.

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Zulu Exero Open-Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones...
  • Lightweight (1 oz) bone conduction headphones that rest around...
  • Please note, at higher volume they are not 100% silent to people...
  • 6-hour battery life; micro-USB charge cable included; Bluetooth...
  • Built-in microphone; talk on the phone or utilize a voice...

Covering your ears with earbuds while listening, is an outworn way of driving acoustic pleasure. Besides keeping your ears closed outdoors you need to more situationally aware. This is what the latest technology of bone conduction covers.

If you’re aware of its buzz then you might be looking for an experienced incredible piece to own. Chill out the browsing stress! Zulu Exero open ear wireless bone conduction headphones are a perfect fit for your regular needs.


COLOR Available in 2 colors CONTROL TYPE Voice control 
CONNECTIVITY  Bluetooth WEIGHT 27.22 grams


The portable and handy device can accompany you on your adventurous running, biking, and even on hiking trips without even causing you to bear wearing panic. It weighs around just 1oz and is flexible enough that you won’t feel or might forget that you’ve put on something passing across your head over upper-year bone.  


Peeking for the best sound quality is a top buying consideration. We know your preference! This product caters to your need by showing promising results and a high commitment to quality sound. The sound is leakproof though but it can be audible to your surroundings in a quiet place due to the vibrations produced. 


You want the show to last longer? Here we are with another exciting feature, with its 6-hour battery life and a lesser charging time, this product simply worth your time and money. 


The dual connectivity is a bonus feature. Now you can connect two devices to your listening gear at a time, though you can play one at a time. To aid communication ease a built-in microphone is provided. Amazingly, you can utilize a voice assistant too for the purpose. 


Apart from swimming, you can get on with these headphones to any sports activity. Although these headphones are water-resistant but to a certain level. A full liquid submission may cause a loss of your audio hearing gear. 

9.4 rating

  • Optimal sound quality.
  • Perfect and comfy fit.
  • Dual connectivity feature via Bluetooth
  • Great quality at a low price.
  • Sleek and stylish outlook.
  • Echo generation in microphones on higher volumes.
  • Not highly water-resistant.
  • Echo generation in microphones on higher volumes.
  • Not highly water-resistant.

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Top 3 Recommendations 

While all of these are literally the giants of the industry, we are still recommending three that you can blindly trust. Here are our top 3 recommendations: 


  1. WGP bone conduction headphones. 
  2. Vidonn F1 bone conduction headphones 
  3. Tayogo Bone Conduction headphones 


We wanted to help you with searching the best budget bone conduction headphones, and hopefully we did. Bone conduction technology is evolving every year, and hopefully we will encounter more improvements in the future. 

Bone conduction headphones work great for everyone: sportsperson, trainers, athletes, people with hearing aids, and people who just can’t find a headphone that fits well. The above mentioned products will cost you 50 bucks. In this budget, I wouldn’t think too much about the features; the battery life and audio quality is great? I’m sold. While making the decision, take warranty and additional features into consideration; they will help you decide better. 

That’s it from our side. I’ll be back with more headphone recommendations and more stories *pun intended* 

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