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There is no feeling worse than having uncomfortable gameplays. Being addicted to games myself, I know how overwhelming it feels to look at hundreds of gaming sets online along with their hefty price tags. Shopping for a gaming headset for big heads can be a daunting task, especially if you are on a restricted budget. Not all gaming headphones come in different sizes and shapes.

Moreover, using bigger headsets does not mean it needs to be heavy too. If you look at some of the best headsets for big heads online, you will realize many models are as light as regular headsets. Moreover, many come with gel-based ear cups to keep ears cool during intense gameplays. If you are a picky buyer and wondering if such headsets exist in reality or not, then read on to find some of the best headphones for big heads online.

10 Best Gaming Headset for Big Heads in 2022

  • Razer Nari Wireless 7.1
  • EPOS I Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset
  • Arctis 7
  • Lucid Sound LS41
  • Bose QuietComfort
  • Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Headset
  • HyperX Cloud Alpha S
  • SteelSeries Arctis 1
  • Corsair Virtuoso
  • EPOS I Sennheiser GSP 602

1. Razer Nari Wireless 7.1 – Best wireless gaming headset for big heads

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Almost all users have a unanimous opinion about this popular best gaming headset for big ears. It is comfortable and durable. The model is ideal for professional studios and offices where you need to wear headphones for hours.


  1. The headphones come with an adjustable headband
  2. The ear cups have a dual padding
  3. Comes with a powerful noise-canceling feature
  4. Strong and sturdy exterior
  5. Volume controls are easy to adjust

This is a wireless gaming headphone that comes with swiveling earcups with gel ear caps to keep your ears cool and comfortable during long gameplays and the THX Spatial Audio helps to deliver the perfect surround sound.

Despite being super comfortable on the ears, this gaming headset for large head is a bit clunky. Therefore, you need to have occasional breaks by taking off the headset. Of course, there are options to customize the headband. However, it isn’t mandatory if you don’t mind the extra weight. 

The ear cups come with dual padding, which means your ears will stay comfortable during long gaming streams. The noise-canceling feature with this model is as powerful as its preceding models. 

Therefore, whether you use the headphones indoors or outdoors, external noise or disturbance won’t be an issue. There are controls given to increase or decrease the sound levels.

Whether you use a laptop, PC, or any other device for playing games, this portable gaming headset for big heads will help you get a 3D surround experience. You won’t need to amplify the sound manually as the speakers come with heavy bass and give you crystal clear audio.

The only downside with this gaming headset for large head is the fact that it overheats quickly. However, if you work in a cold environment, you would hardly feel the difference.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Adjustable band
  • Padded ear cups
  • Minimizes external noise
  • Compatibility with different OS
  • Clunky exterior
  • Heats up easily

No products found.

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2. EPOS I Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset – Comfortable gaming headset big head

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Are you looking for a gaming headset for large head with a professional look? Do you want headphones with a high-end finishing and acoustic accuracy? This slim and lightweight comfortable gaming headset big head is exactly what you need. 

  1. Best headset for big heads with boom arm technology to suit all your connectivity needs. 
  2. Picks up voice with accuracy to deliver crystal clear audio. 
  3. Built-in volume control on right ear cup for convenient audio adjusting.
  4. Heavily padded ear cups and headband for maximum comfort.
  5. Open acoustic gaming headphones for delivering realistic audio with detailed clarity. 
  6. Multiplatform friendly and easily used with PC, MAC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. 

Be it conferences or meetings; gaming headsets for big heads like EPOS I Sennheiser allows multiplatform connectivity. You can use it on your PC, tablets, and mobiles. 

Pro-level gamers can enjoy their gaming experience with this lightweight gaming headset for big heads. This set provides you with high-quality audio for the immersive gaming experience. With well-cushioned ear cups, this slim body makes the headphones easy to keep on for long gaming marathons. 

If you want to enjoy a realistic gaming experience with accurate quality audio, this is the best gaming headset for large head. This set is designed for precise and top-quality audio with proprietary speaker technology. 

You get 100% realistic audio effects owing to its advanced transducer engineering. You can enjoy the ultimate gaming experience with natural and crisp audio clarity. 

Its open acoustic design provides detailed audio with clarity. It also adds more comfort and prevents your ears from getting too much heat. 

With its adjustable boom mic, you can communicate freely and get the best sound quality. Its mic picks up audio accurately at varied positions. Its noise-canceling feature allows eliminating background noise. It also disables the microphone as you raise the boom mic arm. 

Audio adjusting becomes easy as its volume control wheel is located on the right ear cup. You do not need to pause or stop your gaming to readjust the volume. This set is engineered with world-class technology by EPOS and provides long term durability.


  • Boom arm technology with great flexibility
  • Open design for greater comfort
  • Super soft padded ear cups
  • Built-in audio controls
  • Slim and lightweight body
  • Limited colors
  • No USB connectivity

No products found.

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3. Arctis 7 – Headphones for big ears

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If you are one of those who don’t prefer to invest extra cash on gaming accessories like gaming headsets for big heads and looking for an all in one headset that can fulfill all your audio needs, then this best wireless gaming headset for big heads surely fits the bill. With Arctis 7, you won’t need to compromise over the sound  or the built quality itself.


  1. Large-sized headphones for professional gamers
  2. Best headset for big heads for recording or editing in studios
  3. Has a sleek and edgy body
  4. Comes with a powerful bass
  5. Has an extended brand warranty

Arctis 7 delivers crystal clear wireless audio with over 20-hour battery life. The sturdy steel headband and compatibility with PC through USB makes it perfect for playing professional studios games. It has low latency with 0 interference. It comes with a rugged microphone and gives you crystal clear sound due to the s1 drivers installed.

Those who have an odd or unconventional head shape can easily invest in these gaming headsets for big heads as it is designed to fit perfectly on all types of people. With cheap wireless headphones with large ear cups, you tend to sweat a lot. Consequently, it gets hard to wear gaming headset for large head for long periods.

However, these headphones come with a non-slippery base, and even if you sweat a lot, they won’t fall or slip away. This feature is what makes it a perfect set for pro gamers. The set is at least twice the size of a standard headset. And therefore, it is versatile and is appealing to a broader group of gamers. 

Those who need to work in a conventional set up can’t take off their headsets if their job requires them to receive calls. Therefore, these headphones are light and don’t feel heavy or chunky at all. If you are prone to ear infections, then these headphones will come real handy. The cushioned ear cups don’t let your ears get burned or irritated. 

The overall quality of this headset is good, and you cannot get a better deal than this. The noise-canceling feature is responsive and works perfectly. This gaming headset for large head is designed to minimize external sounds of different wavelengths. It works equally well in both indoors and outdoors environments. Thus, this is a great set to use outdoors while traveling, especially if you carry your laptop or Ultrabook’s with you.

9.7 Rating

  • Is pocket friendly
  • Doesn’t come with additional accessories
  • The ear cups are padded.
  • Comes with a sturdy headband
  • Looks perfect with gaming laptops
  • The cups aren’t fully movable.
  • The control isn’t properly mentioned

No products found.

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4. Lucid Sound LS41 – Best gaming headset for big ears

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These headphones are a dream for any pro gamer who needs a trusty pair of headphones to win strenuous gaming sessions with ease.


  1. Best headset for big heads with two-layer ear pads for more comfort
  2. Gives you a surround sound gaming experience
  3. The controls are easy to navigate and set
  4. Comes with gigantic ear cups
  5. The price is on the lower side.

The gel-infused cooling oval ear cups come in a mesh-like airy fabric, and the headset comes with 50mm Speakers featuring Neodymium magnets to give deep bass. 

These headphones are not like your everyday gaming headsets for big heads. Firstly, it comes with giant size ear cups. Secondly, they have two-layer ear pads for more comfort and surround sound experience.

The foam is what helps you stay fresh and doesn’t make your ears clammy. The front is detachable, which makes it more versatile and user friendly. There will be no inconveniences caused by tangled wires, which is something you get to experience with cheap headphones. 

The sturdy design and flexible body will make the headphones last for years. 

Moreover, these headphones come with a brand warranty, which means the makers have your back. In case anything goes wrong, you can have it replaced. 

Not all best gaming headset for small heads come with a sturdy body which is durable and user friendly. The controls are easy to navigate and set. You can manually adjust them in the middle of your games without any inconvenience. 

Your performance isn’t affected, and you can carry on with your gameplays. The noise-canceling feature in this model is certainly not the best but works fine for the price you are paying for. Other models available within the same price are not as versatile and user friendly as these beasts are. 

Since, this is a wireless gaming headset that gives you plenty of options for a lag-free audio chat. It comes with dual microphones, consisting of a rugged boom mic and noise cancellation for perfect gameplay. Once you switch off the boom mic, you can activate the built-in mic to use on your smartphone.

9.1 Rating

  • User friendly
  • Comes with brand warranty
  • Flexible controls
  • Two-layer ear cups
  • Less expensive variant
  • Average noise-canceling feature
  • Lacks a stylish exterior

No products found.

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5. Bose QuietComfort – Wireless headphones with large ear cups

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Buying the best gaming headsets for big heads isn’t an issue if you buy one that could last for years. These headphones are durable and unbreakable. These are soft and padded from the inside and sturdy from the outside, making it one of the best headphones for big ears available online.


  1. Well balanced ear cups for all sizes
  2. They are specially designed for sensitive ears.
  3. Can be used indoors and outdoors
  4. You can amplify the sound 
  5. The body is flexible and travel friendly 

The Bose QuietComfort are wireless gaming headphones with a powerful noise-canceling feature is Alexa-enabled. The noise-canceling quality comes with three different settings through the Action control or Bose Connect app. The noise-canceling dual-microphones give more explicit calls, and Bluetooth pairing is a bonus.

When it comes to these headphones’ overall performance, these are designed especially for gamers with sensitive ears. People with high sensitivity to loud music can benefit a lot from these headphones. 

Moreover, there are options to customize the sound frequency. You can amplify the sound and increase the bass. The ear cups are padded, and you get the same quality that is available in more high-end models of large-sized headphones.

The sound levels offer you a surround sound experience, and the controls are quick and responsive. The treble response and padded ear cups are of a perfect fit. Whether you are playing games indoors or outdoors, you can play games seamlessly in a noise controlled environment. 

Any noise or disturbances in the background won’t affect your gaming performance. The minimalistic design and sturdy exterior make it a great option to use in offices as well. 

If you are a video editor and looking for a pair of headphones that are of perfect size and built quality to use during work, then these are one of the best options you get at an affordable price.

9.3 rating

  • Travel friendly
  • Multifunctional
  • Over 95% noise cancellation
  • Crystal clear audio
  • Minimalistic design
  • Slightly expensive
  • Limited volume controls

No products found.

6. Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Headset – Best gaming headset for small heads

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These are gigantic pair of headsets and are perfect for those gamers who prefer large-sized headphones over smaller ones for gaming. 


  1. Is designed for long gameplays 
  2. Best headset for big heads with a responsive noise-canceling feature 
  3. Has a long battery life
  4. Supports wireless connectivity 
  5. Compatibility with all types of gaming systems

These headphones are compatible with all types of OS. Therefore, whether you are using a Chromebook, a heavy laptop, or a conventional PC for playing games, you can use these headphones on any gaming system without any facing any compatibility or technical difficulties.

These headphones are comfortable on the ears, and the band area isn’t too tight either. The ear cups are padded, making sure you stay relaxed and focused during long competitive gameplays. The headband isn’t fixed, and therefore, you can reposition it easily. 

If you enjoy immersive gaming and love to play games on high volumes, you will love these gaming headphones’ surround sound quality. 

Apart from gaming, you can use these headphones for other purposes as well. You can use these gaming headphones to watch movies on a laptop or listen to songs in crystal clear quality. 

The exterior is light, but it is sturdy enough for long gameplays. The noise-canceling features makes it easy for users to enjoy professional gaming without any interruptions or distortions. 

Apart from gaming, these headphones come real handy for video editors who need to go through long footages in a professional environment. The sound minimizing feature ensures you are not disturbed by any external sounds and focus solely on your work.

9.0 rating

  • Strategically designed for large heads
  • Powerful battery
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Padded ear caps
  • Smooth exterior
  • Slightly expensive
  • Lacks essential accessories

No products found.

7. HyperX Cloud Alpha S – Over ear headphones for big ears

No products found.

These are undoubtedly one of the best headphones for both; novice and pro gamers as it consists a balanced mix of both; conventional and more advanced audio features. 


  1. Best headset for big heads to support complex audio features
  2. Powerful surround sound
  3. Compatible with different gaming systems
  4. Noise minimizing feature works seamlessly
  5. Ideal for collaborating with players on live streams

There aren't any noticeable lags that may cause distortions in your chats while playing competitive games.

Just like any high-end gaming headset, these headphones are also compatible with different gaming systems. Whether you are a PC user or prefer gaming laptops for competitive gaming, these headphones can be used on all gaming devices. 

Moreover, the noise minimizing feature works seamlessly, and the 3D surround sound technology enhances the overall gaming experience. With or without microphones, you can use them for listening to songs in crystal clear quality. 

The powerful surround sound is perfect to uplift your gaming experience. Since this is a complete gaming headset, you can also use it for collaborating with fellow players through live streams.

8.9 rating

  • Affordable price
  • Echo-cancellation feature
  • Heavy bass
  • Compatibility with the different gaming device
  • Durable exterior
  • Is slightly heavy
  • Limited volume controls

No products found.

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8. SteelSeries Arctis 1 – Gaming headset for large head

No products found.

There are only a few models where you don’t need to compromise on the quality or price to get the best size headset for playing games. Not all headsets come with similar features or functions, especially those designed with more prominent headbands and ear cups. However, this model ticks all the right boxes as you get all the essential features within a single device.


  1. Adjustable headbands
  2. The ear caps remain intact.
  3. Compatible with different OS
  4. Cushioned cups
  5. The volume can be controlled manually. 

Whether you are into casual games or competitive ones, these headphones are perfect for playing all kinds of games on your laptop or PC. The bass is powerful, and you get 3D surround sound along with a noise-canceling feature.

With these gaming headphones, you get adjustable headbands that fit perfectly on everyone’s face. These headphones’ sound quality is flawless, and you hardly ever notice any distortion during immersive gameplay.

All external noises are canceled up to 90%, which is quite impressive for the price it is available in. Certain parts of the headset are movable, and you can easily customize it manually or bring back to its original shape. This makes it easy for two or more people to use the same headsets without ruining its shape.

These headphones come with a seamless noise-canceling feature, and you can quickly increase or decrease the volume from the front. This means you won’t have to use any other controls to adjust the volume.

9.4 rating

  • The ergonomic design of the headband
  • 3D surround sound
  • Works with all gaming platforms
  • Zero distortion
  • Flexible body
  • Is slightly expensive
  • Low compatibility with Xbox One

No products found.

9. Corsair Virtuoso – Best gaming headset for large head

No products found.

This set of gaming speakers is budget-friendly and perfect for all kinds of tasks where the use of headphones is mandatory. 


  1. Is multifunctional and budget-friendly
  2. Consistency in sound quality 
  3. Is designed to detect all types of sound frequencies
  4. The speakers come with tightly fitted ear cups
  5. The headphones adjust different sound levels by itself. 

Whether you want to use these headphones for watching movies, editing videos, listen to songs, or play games on your computer, these headphones are perfect for managing all tasks seamlessly.

The brand is synonymous with offering some of the best gaming gears for competitive gaming. This gaming set not only multifunctional but is budget-friendly as well. Once you turn these on, you will get the desired gaming sound every time you start a new game. 

There will no lags or buffing, and you will have smooth and seamless gaming experience. The main reason behind it is that these gaming headphones are designed to detect all sound frequencies. Whether it is a high or low-level frequency, the headphones adjust the sound levels itself. 

With cheaper models of large-sized gaming headsets, the sound is usually coming out of the ear cups. This causes inconvenience if you share your space with others in dorms and co-working places. 

However, these headphones come with tightly fitted ear cups that are big but do not let any sound be audible to others. Similarly, if there is any noise or disturbance in your surroundings, the headphone will filter these sounds with its powerful noise-canceling feature.

8.5 rating

  • Supports different gaming platforms
  • Lightweight cups
  • Ideal for daily use
  • Comes with brand warranty
  • Multifunctional gaming headset
  • The headband could be wide
  • Chunky exterior

No products found.

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10. EPOS I Sennheiser GSP 602 – Good headphones for big heads

No products found.

Despite being slightly expensive than other headphones mentioned in the list, these are lightweight, user-friendly, and designed to offer a seamless gaming experience.


  1. Comes with a brand warranty
  2. The headphones run on surround sound technology
  3. The exterior isn’t too loud or flashy
  4. The headphones won’t heat up easily
  5. Can also be used for editing videos and listening to music

The headband isn't too heavy and chunky. It comfortably rests on your head, and you can quickly wear it for hours without any discomfort that you experience with cheaper models of headphones.

Apart from using laptops and PCs, if you use other gaming devices to play games online, these are one of the best gaming headset for big heads as they give you the same user experience on all gaming platforms.

Apart from the compatibility of these headphones with different gaming systems, you will get durability and a brand warranty that will easily last for months when it comes to the exterior and overall built quality of these headphones. The ear cups are not only large, but they are also fully cushioned and light on the ears. 

Whether you use these headphones for playing casual or collaborative games, you get the same immersive sound quality, which is a bonus.

The headphones run on surround sound technology, which means you will get the same user experience that you get with more expensive gaming headsets. 

Despite being gaming headphones, the exterior isn’t too loud or flashy. If you want, you can use it at work for editing videos or listening to music in your leisure time. 

Even if you use these headphones for long periods, it won’t heat up quickly. This is because these headphones are heat resistant and do not overheat with continuous usage. 

Therefore, if you are a professional gamer and plan to use these headphones for long gaming tournaments, you won’t be disappointed with these sleek gaming headphones’ performance.

Unlike some of the best headphones for large heads available online, the battery is not the best, but it is powerful enough for hours on moderate level use. 

8.7 rating

  • Sturdy exterior
  • Comes with ANC
  • Powerful surround sound
  • Gives studio-level clarity
  • Wide headband
  • Short battery life
  • Slightly expensive

No products found.

Buyers Guide

Searching for big headphones isn’t the best thing to do without proper research and product information. Making impulsive decisions won’t take you anywhere as far as buying premium gaming accessories is concerned. You need to understand each product’s pros and cons first and then pick up a headset for your gaming expeditions. To speed up this process for you, we have listed everything you need to know for investing in a professional gaming headset. 

Picking the right size

First things first, be it any headset, even those flashy dupes you get below $20 online, you need to make sure it fits perfectly on your head. If regular headsets don’t work on your head, don’t worry, as many gamers feel the same way. With headphones, going with a one- size- fits all approach isn’t a good idea.

Wearing tight headsets for long hours can lead to serious health problems, including chronic migraines and blurred vision. Therefore, it is recommended to invest in some of the best gaming headset for big heads that come with adjustable headbands. 

Going for premium ear cups

Today, all leading brands of gaming headsets are well aware of the struggles real gamers face every day. Therefore, ear cups are becoming more and more advanced to make your gaming experience more smooth and comfortable. When choosing headsets online, try to opt for those headphones that come with gel-infused ear cups. The gel has soothing properties and keeps your ears cool and sweat-free for hours.

 Double padded and cushioned headsets 

To ensure users get a real surround sound experience; some of the best best wireless gaming headset nowadays come with padded ear cups. They keep your ears comfortable and are made of non-toxic material. They are highly beneficial for those who are prone to getting ear infections.

 Going Wireless

Both kinds of headsets, wireless or traditional ones, are equally popular among pro gamers. The majority of headsets that we have discussed on the list are wireless. Moreover, newer models that are getting launched in the market are also wireless. Some gamers believe that wireless headsets are not as good as traditional headsets. However, this fact is nothing more than a myth. Both headsets offer the same sound quality provided you invest in the right brand.  

In Conclusion

So, these were some of the best gaming headset for big heads. The buying guide given above will clear out any misconceptions you have about gaming headsets with large ear cups. These headsets fit perfectly on your head, which means no more itchy and sweaty ears. Your head will feel as light as a feather, and you will be able to focus and play better. So, what are you waiting for? Go through the list and shop for your favorite headphones online. Happy Shopping!

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