8 Best Bone Conduction Headphones with built-in mp3 in 2022

Bone conduction headphones with built-in mp3 is a great solution for swimmers to enjoy music while swimming. 

Well, we all listen to sound through our ears. But what if you could listen to sound through your bones instead of your drums. Yes, you heard it right. And this technology is known as bone conduction technology. 

In regular headphones, the diaphragm inside it sends vibrations through the eardrum to the inner ear. 

However, in bone conduction headphones, the signals are transmitted through the bone to the inner ear. And those, who are suffering from hearing issues can benefit from it. 

Hearing headphones at high volumes is risky as it can damage your eardrums. 

Our eardrums consist of very thin tissue and if it is frequently exposed to high volume, then it can badly affect your hearing capabilities. 

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Therefore, if you already suffer from hearing problems, then it is better to avoid using headphones as they transmit sound directly through your eardrums. 

And if you want to wear headphones, then you can opt for bone conduction headphones. They look like regular headphones but instead of having earbuds, they come with flat circular or square-shaped drums on both sides. 

These headphones cover your cheekbones and sound is transmitted through your bone to your brain. Bone conduction headphones with built in mp3 are ideal for athletes, especially swimmers who need to use headphones underwater.

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How to choose the best bone conduction headphones online

As mentioned earlier, there aren’t too many brands that produce good quality bone conduction headphones. 

Therefore, it’s recommended to check out its specs and features beforehand.

Ideally, what we suggest you to look for in a pair of headphones is its built quality, storage, and wireless connectivity. 

Moreover, you need to make sure that these headphones are waterproof and heat resistant. If you plan to wear your headphones while swimming or running, your headphones won’t get damaged from excessive heart or moisture.

Coming to the built quality of the headphones, you need to make sure that their band is adjustable and doesn’t slip off from your head. 

Moreover, if you plan to use your headphones while swimming, then you can need to make sure that your headphones come with mp3 support. 

Since, Bluetooth connectivity doesn’t work well underwater, it is better to use headphones with MP3 support while using your headphones underwater.

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8 Bone Conduction Headphones with built-in mp3

1. Aftershokz Bluez 2S

AfterShokz Bluez 2S Open-ear Wireless Stereo Headphones...
  • Bone conduction technology uses vibrations to transmit sound...
  • Open Fit assures unmatched ambient sound awareness and extended...
  • Dual microphones deliver clear communication even in noisy...
  • NEW FEATURES: Premium Pitch+ patented dual suspension transducers...

As mentioned earlier, Aftershokz is a brand that’s synonymous with bone conduction headphones. 

It has offered some stellar pieces in the past and they are expected to continuing doing it in the future as well. 

And the headphones that we will be covering in this guide are Bluez. 

These are Aftershok’z second-biggest selling headphones and just behind Aeropex which is the number one selling headphones. 

The only reason why we are not reviewing Aeropex is because they don’t support the MP3 file format. 

And they only feature Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. 

The headphones come in a matte black body that weighs around 2 ounce. 

These headphones are IP55 certified and come with an open ear design for maximum comfort. 

The only thing that may disappoint some users is the limited storage space. 

While 8GB is considered as a standard storage space for portable headphones, this model only comes with 4GB storage. 

Nevertheless, you can still store over a thousand songs which isn’t that bad. 

The headphones last for good 8 hours which makes them travel-friendly and a great option to use outdoors. 

Moving on to the accessories that come with these headphones, what you get apart from the headphones are a pair of waterproof earplugs, a USB charging cable, and a handy carry case to store your headphones. 


  • IP55 waterproof and heat resistant
  • Can last for 8 hours on a single charge
  • The headphones come with a separate travel case
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Also comes with a pair of waterproof earplugs
  • It doesn’t come with Bluetooth for wireless connectivity

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2. HUICCN Bone Conduction Headphones: Affordable bone-conduction headphones with built-in mp3

No products found.

With these pair of portable headphones, you can listen to music while swimming or relaxing in the pool. Since these headphones are designed to use underwater, they are lightweight and travel friendly.

These headphones come with a flexible body and you can easily adjust them around your head. Moreover, it is equipped with Bluetooth V5.0 along with MP3 for wireless connectivity. 

Since these headphones are not fully waterproof, you need to use swim caps when using the headphones underwater. 

Many users believe that Bluetooth isn’t the best option for wireless connectivity to use underwater. 

And since these headphones also come with MP3 support, you can consider buying these headphones if you plan to use your headphones underwater. 

This model comes in a stunning black body and runs on a powerful 200MAh battery. 

It’s charging time ranges between 60 to 90 minutes and runs for 6-8 hours on a single charge. 

Moreover, it offers 8GB storage space which means you can copy up to 2000 files on the device.  

All in all, this is an ideal solution for runners and athletes who wish to use headphones while on the go. 

With these powerful pair of bone conduction headphones, you get a high-quality sound, owing to the deep rich bass and minimum sound leakage. 


  • Portable design
  • Ideal to use underwater
  • Comes with Bluetooth V5.0 and MP3 for wireless connectivity
  • It can accommodate up to 2000 different audio files
  • Offers 8GB storage space
  • Deep rich bass for crystal clear sound
  • The headphones are not fully waterproof

No products found.

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3. Tayogo Bone Conduction Bluetooth Swimming Headphones: Versatile bone-conduction headphones with built-in mp3

If you are looking for a pair of bone conduction headphones with multiple options for listening to music, then these headphones from Tyogo are going to be one of the best options for you. 

These headphones come with FM radio support along with Bluetooth and MP3 for wireless connectivity. 

And since these headphones are waterproof, you can use them while swimming or bathing. 

If you want, you can also download Tyogo’s official app that’s specially made for their wireless headphones. 

You can install the app on both Android and iOS operating systems. 

For storing music files, it comes with 8GB of storage space. 

Once you connect these headphones to your phone, you can listen to music through various music apps including iTunes and Spotify. 

And if you are old school audiophile like me, then you will enjoy the FM radio support. 

Coming to the exterior of the headphones, it is made with super soft silicone material which makes the headphones lightweight and easy to use underwater. 

The headphones come in a bright yellow body which seems like a refreshing change from the conventional black colored headphones. 

Since these headphones come with IPX 68 rating which the id industry standard for waterproof devices, you can easily use them for over 5 hours while swimming underwater. 

And with Tyogo’s official app, you can store your favorite music and play them on the go. 

The only downside with these headphones is their Bluetooth range which is too short. 

It only operates from 3 feet away and does not go further than that. 

However, the wireless connectivity works perfectly well when you use the headphones in smaller areas such as indoor pools and bathtubs.

9.7 Rating

  • FM radio support
  • 8GB storage for storing music
  • Silicone-based exterior
  • IPX68 rating
  • Bluetooth and MP3 for wireless connectivity
  • Comes with a separate app to create playlists
  • Limited Bluetooth range

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4. Aztine MP3 & Bluetooth 2 in 1 Bone Conduction Headphones

No products found.

In terms of features, these bone conduction headphones by Aztine is among the best ones we have covered in this guide. These offer dual options for connectivity which means you can use it with Bluetooth 5.0 and MP3 files. 

If you are looking for a pair of bone conduction headphones with built-in mp3 to use outdoors, then these are great options to opt for as they are fully waterproof and come with an IPX8 rating. 

Moreover, they also have a heat resistant body. Therefore, no matter where you use these headphones, any kind of harsh weather conditions won’t damage your headphones. 

Furthermore, these headphones are lightweight and weigh less than 2 ounces. 

The body is adjustable and you can easily loose or tighten up the headband to fit around your head.  

These headphones come with plenty of controls for an immersive listening experience. 

It comes with separate buttons to increase or decrease the volume. 

And a single button is given to answer calls and pause the audio. 

Next to the pause button is the mic which works exceptionally well.  

Unlike other mainstream bone conduction headphones, this model comes with 16GB memory instead of the standard 8GB memory. 

Moreover, it runs on a single 350mA battery and offers around 6 hours of playback time. 

It takes about two hours to get fully charged and can easily run for hours on a single charge. 

Since these headphones are waterproof, you can use them while indulging in various water sports including surfing and diving. 

These headphones come with a standard 3.5 mm USB cable for charging and a pair of ear tips which are also waterproof. 

If you want to cancel out all noises in the background, then you put on the earplugs before wearing your headphones. 

All in all, these headphones can be worn by everyone including kids as it comes with an adjustable bracket design.

9.1 Rating

  • Multiple options for wireless connectivity
  • IPX8 waterproof and heat resistant
  • Separate controls for adjusting the volume
  • Comes with a pair of waterproof ear tips
  • 16GB of storage space
  • Lightweight and adjustable
  • Short battery life

No products found.

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5. H2O Audio Sonar Underwater Waterproof Headphones 

H2O Audio Sonar IPX8 - Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones...
  • Bone Conduction Technology - Experience catchy music and amazing...
  • Drag & Drop - Our bone conduction Bluetooth & MP3 headphones are...
  • Open Ear Headphones - Whether you are streaming from your...
  • Highest IPX8 Rating H2O Audio's bone-conducting headphones will...

Sonar’s H2O bone conduction headphones are specifically made for swimmers and divers. You can easily attach these headphones with your swimming goggles and they won’t fall or move. 

These headphones come with 8GB memory and can be connected with nearly all types of devices including Windows and Mac computers to download songs and other audio files. 

Apart from MP3 files, these headphones also support .m4a for iTunes. And with a rating of IPX8, you best believe that these headphones are water-resistant and can be used underwater. 

Since these headphones come with 8GB storage, you use also them to listen to audiobooks or your favorite podcasts. 

Coming to the built quality of these headphones, they are lightweight, heat, and water-resistant. 

They weigh around 5 ounces and are easy to wear during long swimming sessions. 

Apart from swimming, you can use these headphones while enjoying other adventurous activities like hiking, trekking, and mountain climbing. 

Since these headphones are wireless and don’t cover your ears, you can move freely while being aware of your surroundings. 

These headphones don’t cancel out sounds completely from the background as they don’t cover your ears. This helps you to be aware of your surrounding especially when doing wild adventure sports.  

9.3 rating

  • Ideal for swimmers and divers
  • Waterproof headphones with a rating of IPX8
  • Portable and travel friendly
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac devices
  • .m4a support for iTunes
  • Short battery life

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6. Soya Bone Conduction Headphone 

No products found.

These are probably one of the most underrated headphones on our list. Being an underdog in the market of bone conduction headphones, they are slowly becoming a popular choice among audiophiles who are looking for bone conduction headphones with MP3 support. 

Just like Aftershok’z Xtrainerz, these headphones don’t come with Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. 

However, if you are planning to wear these headphones while swimming or playing any other water sport, then you won’t be needing Bluetooth connectivity anyway. 

Since MP3 connectivity works better underwater, it’s what you will be using for listening to music underwater. 

These headphones come with a soft and flexible body and weigh less than 28 grams. 

Most part of these headphones is made of premium plastic which makes them lightweight and travel friendly. 

It comes with 8GB storage and you can store more than 2000 files on it. 

One of the most interesting features of these headphones is the single key recording option. 

You can record audio in real-time. And the audio you get is in HD quality. 

Apart from MP3, these headphones support various file formats including APE, WMA, and WAV. 

Coming to the battery life of these headphones, it run on a single 180 mAh battery and takes nearly an hour and a half to completely charge.

And at the end, what you get is five hours of playtime without any interruption. The headphones come with 4 separate keys for changing the volume and turning on/off the headphones.

9.0 rating

  • Waterproof body that is perfect to use underwater
  • Supports multiple file formats
  • Comes with a sound recording option
  • Offers five hours of uninterrupted playtime
  • You can save up to 2000 audio files
  • Fast charging
  • These headphones are a bit pricey

No products found.

7. AfterShokz OpenMove Wireless Bone Conduction Open-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Aftershokz OpenMove (Rebranded as Shokz OpenMove) Wireless...
  • Rebranding Update - Aftershokz OpenMove has been renamed as Shokz...
  • Open-Ear Design - Patented bone conduction technology delivers...
  • Versatile Headphones - Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity offers...
  • Durable and Sweatproof - These IP55 certified headphones repel...

These award-winning headphones are the official headphones for England’s Athletics society. They are lightweight and comes with a sturdy titanium band for maximum comfort. 

With an impressive rating of IP55, these headphones are sweatproof. The built-in battery charges within two hours and lasts for over 5 hours on a single charge and the built-in mic comes with a noise-canceling to ensure you talk comfortably without any noticeable distortion. 

These headphones also come with a carry case and a pair of waterproof earplugs. They work with nearly all operating systems including Mac and Windows laptops.  

The ergonomic design of these headphones is what sets them apart from other mainstream bone conduction headphones. 

These headphones are light and thin and no one will ever notice that you are wearing any headphones. 

And since these headphones are so comfortable to wear, you can use them while driving or working out. 

Moreover, if you wear prescription glasses and find it hard to wear traditional headphones, then you can consider swapping your old headphones with these. 

Their open ear design doesn’t interfere with your glasses and you can enjoy music freely without any messy wires or falling earbuds. 

Even with these headphones on, you remain aware of your surroundings as these headphones don’t cover your ears. 

For maximum noise cancellation, you can wear earplugs that come with these headphones. 

These headphones are neither too tight nor loose but fit perfectly around your head. 

Whether you are an athlete or simply looking for a comfortable pair of headphones to use at the gym, these headphones won’t disappoint you a bit. 

Since these headphones are endorsed by pro athletes, you can rest assured that you are getting world-class sound quality at an affordable price.

8.9 rating

  • Recognized by England’s Athletics society
  • Strong titanium band
  • Comes with a carry case and waterproof earplugs
  • A great option for glass wearers
  • Compatibility with Mac and Windows laptops
  • Ergonomic open ear design
  • Lack of compatibility with all file formats

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8. AfterShokz Titanium Bone Conduction

AfterShokz Titanium Open Ear Wireless Bone Conduction...
  • Rebranding Update - Aftershokz has been renamed as Shokz. Welcome...
  • BONE CONDUCTION TECHNOLOGY - Our bone conduction technology and...
  • BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY - Modern wireless headphones with...
  • DESIGNED FOR LONG WEAR - Trekz Titanium wraparound headbands are...

As far as the overall built quality and features are concerned, these headphones are a great option for those who are investing in bone conduction headphones for the first time. 

These headphones are affordable and user-friendly which makes them a good option for first-timers. For wireless, there are plenty of options available in these headphones. 

Apart from conventional desktop computers, these headphones are also compatible with tablets and laptops. 

If you are an athlete or enjoy outdoor activities then you can consider investing in these headphones. 

These are heat resistant and sweat proof. And if you are someone who sweats a lot, your performance won’t be affected once you start wearing these headphones. 

Since these headphones don’t slip or fall off from moisture, you can use them while relaxing in the pool. 

And since they also come with a heatproof body, you can use them at the beach during summers or in places where there’s heat or humidity. 

These headphones are durable and compact, you can easily carry them in your backpack and wear them while enjoying adventurous sports alone or with friends. 

The band of these headphones is adjustable and no matter how large or small the size of your head is, you can easily wear it without worrying about the headphones falling off your head. 

These headphones come with a standard 3.5mm charging cable and require a minimum of 1.5 hours for the battery to fully charge.

8.5 rating

  • Dual options for wireless connectivity
  • Sweatproof and heat resistant
  • Adjustable headband
  • Fast charging
  • Lightweight and flexible body
  • Limited battery life

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How to buy the best bone conduction headphones with built in mp3: A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Wondering how to buy the best bone conduction headphones online? Don’t know if these are the right types of headphones for you? 

Don’t know if such type of technology exists in real life or not? 

Does it really work through your bone or is it just a made-up mumbo jumbo hyped up by those Kickstarter pages you see online?

Well, if these questions are exactly what is popping up in your mind right now, then don’t fret, as we will be covering everything you need to know about bone conduction headphones in this guide.


If you are a fitness freak and like to listen to music while working out, these headphones will be a great alternative to conventional headphones. 

Its band won’t fall off and you can freely move and do your workouts indoors and outdoors.

Since the majority of bone conduction headphones are waterproof, swimmers and divers can wear them while swimming. 

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These headphones are versatile and can be used by anyone and everyone. And if you are someone who is looking for a pair of good quality headphones for taking calls while driving, you can consider buying them as most bone conduction headphones offer wireless connectivity. 


If you are prone to getting ear infections, then these headphones will come real handy. Since these headphones don’t have earbuds, they won’t irritate your ears.

Awareness of your surroundings 

And if you want to wear headphones in public places and don’t want to completely cut out from your surroundings, then these types of headphones are perfect for you. 

They don’t cover your ears and you can easily communicate with others without removing your headphones. 

Officers, security guards, doctors, and babysitters, or anyone whose job requires them to be super attentive can consider investing these headphones. 


Bone conduction technology is not new, but bone conduction headphones, however, are a newer concept altogether. Just like other major inventions, bone conduction technology was also discovered accidentally by music maestro Beethoven. 

Medical benefits of bone conduction headphones with built in mp3

Bone conduction technology was further modified by health practitioners to help their patients with hearing problems. And now, it is finally incorporated into mainstream wireless headphones. 

People who are suffering from partial hearing loss can use these headphones for listening to songs or watching movies online. Those who already use a hearing aid can wear these alongside their hearing device. 

And the best part about these headphones is that they are sweatproof and waterproof, meaning they don’t fall off your face with moisture. 

Popular brands

While there are many different local and international headset brands that manufacture bone conduction headphones, Aftershokz is one such brand that’s offering the widest range of bone conduction headphones. 

Up till now, it has launched over 5 different flagship products including Aftershokz Aeropex, AfterShokz Trekz Titanium, AfterShokz Xtrainerz, and Vidonn F3. Each product features better features than the preceding one. 

Core consumers of bone conduction headphones with built in mp3

While there is a lot of debate about the effectiveness of bone conduction technology. It is certainly a great option for those who have hearing problems and want to protect their ears drums from further damage. 

Many users complain about the sound quality of bone-conducting headphones. However, if you invest in good quality headphones, you won’t even notice any difference between regular and bone conduction headphones. 

In conclusion 

Since bone conduction technology is relatively new and not many brands are making them, one is most likely to stumble upon those brands that are making low-quality bone conduction headphones.

And therefore, when you search online to buy these headphones, you won’t get as many options as you get for regular headphones that come with ear buds. 

If you do your research right and buy from reliable brands, you will be able to find good quality headphones that are worth your investment. 

With bone conduction headphones, your ears are free and the best part is, that these headphones don’t weigh a lot. Since these headphones are meant to use outdoors, they come with a travel-friendly design. You can easily keep them on for hours without any unwanted pressure or strain on your ears.

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