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No doubt, Apple’s AirPods come real handy due for both; listening and communicating online. Because of their versatility and flexibility, they have gained immense popularity in recent years, and their popularity doesn’t seem to disappear any time soon. Those who are pro-Apple users and do not like to switch to any new brand of earphones, find it hard to connect their AirPods with their Xbox One gaming consoles to use them as a standard microphone and a gaming headset while playing games. However, if you are still wondering can you use Apple headphones as a mic in Xbox if you don’t like wearing any other brand, then there are certain tips and tricks you can try to use your ear pods with Xbox One.

Despite being popular among the masses, Xbox One does not come with Bluetooth connectivity which means you cannot pair your ear pods wirelessly to your Xbox console. Similarly, you cannot connect them to the controller’s headphone jack. 

Although it is not possible to use AirPods with your Xbox One controller, however, there is still a possibility to use them in your gaming sessions. By installing Xbox’s app available for iOS and Android, you can use your AirPods to voice chat with fellow gamers.

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How to Connect Apple Headphones to an Xbox Controller

In case you have already tried connecting your Apple ear pods to your Xbox One controller and failed, then you are already familiar with the issues associated with using airpods with Xbox One. However, certain tricks work, making airpods compatible with Xbox One. 

Ever since Microsoft’s revamped its headphone jacks for Xbox One, many Apple users experience the same buzzing sound when they try to connect their ear pods with Xbox One controller. The port given doesn’t seem to be compatible with Apple AirPods. 

To fix this problem, all you need to do is connect your ear pod with the controller and double-tap on the button located at the middle of the controller. Next, open the settings menu, disable “Headset Mic” and turn on “Mic Monitoring”. 

The wiring and internal components of Apple’s airpods are different from the interior of regular 3.5mm earphones. Due to this reason, you get a loud buzzing sound when plugging in Apple airpods instead of standard earphones to your Xbox One controller.

Connecting Apple Airpods to an Xbox through Xbox App  

This app is compatible with almost all IOS devices including iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones or tablets. If you want, you can also use the app to track your online Achievements, purchase games, send and receive messages to fellow Xbox friends online. Another great feature of this app is the fact that you can use it to communicate with users using a different chat app. These apps work the same way you make simple voice calls. 

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Airpods vs. gaming headsets

Gaming accessories, especially headsets, can be quite expensive, mostly if you prefer quality over everything else. Therefore, many gamers who are on a limited budget don’t end up investing in cheaper headsets if they cannot afford premium ones as they don’t want to compromise on the sound quality. 

Another primary reason why many gamers prefer to use earphones instead of gaming headsets is that earphones are sleeker and travel friendly. The exterior of gaming headsets can be too flashy at times, and people hesitate to wear them outdoors, especially while travelling. Not everyone likes to flex bulky gaming headsets, and many find them to be bulky than regular earphones. 

Although, while using airpods instead of headsets for gaming, you get limited features that are only available in headsets that are specially designed for playing games.  

Old vs. New Xbox controllers

Using regular earphones to play games on your Xbox is not a problem if you use some of the latest Xbox One controllers. These controllers feature a 3.5mm jack at the bottom and are compatible with a different brand of earphones. You can connect them to the controller to use it as a microphone and start chatting with fellow gamers online.

In case you have an older controller, then, you have to get a stereo adapter first. It helps to connect your Xbox controller with regular earphones while the adapter rests at the bottom of your controller. With this adapter, you get various other features like volume control, audio mix control and mute button. 

Whether you have a newer or older version of Xbox, once you have attached your earphones directly or through a stereo adaptor, you can easily use any pair of earphones to chat with fellow gamers during gameplay. However, to communicate with fellow gamers, you need to make sure that your earphones come with built-in microphones. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use your earphones to communicate with other gamers online. 

Another factor to consider is the level of sound clarity you need in your gameplays. If you are into casual games, then average quality earphones will work fine. However, for more competitive games where you need to hear every single sound of the game, it is better to opt for premium quality headphones.


Apple is planning to come up with special headphones that can be used as a microphone for gaming. Although certain compatibility issues may take place, however, with some modifications, it can work on all gaming systems including Xbox One.

Therefore, you will be able to easily connect your ear pods or other Apple headphones for gaming. Nevertheless, not every gaming system supports Apple airpods. You need to check for the compatibility beforehand. The methods we discussed in this post will hopefully help you efficiently use your airpods as microphone on Xbox One.

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