10 Best Headphones that look like Earplugs in 2022 [Updated]

What is going to happen if your heartbeats stop? What is going to end? Your life. Heartbeats are the sound of soul, and when your heart stops beating, there’s no life left behind. So no one among us can live without music that is life.

But to hear the best quality of music, you should have the best quality earphones. That is why we all are ready to invest in the headphones.

Are you confused between headphones and earplugs? Which one to choose? Why not go for headphones that look like earplugs? A great two in one combo it will be, no?

The charm of earbuds is next level due to their elegant appearance, but the standard issue people face with earbuds is them falling off the ear and getting lost as no connectivity locks them to your ear. Does the same happened with you, or are you afraid of it coming soon? Fear not; this is not the case anymore.

10 Best Headphones that look like Earplugs in 2022

  • Plugfones Liberate 2.0 Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Earplug
  • Ruckus Discord Bluetooth Earplug
  • ISOtunes PRO 2.0 Bluetooth Earplug Headphones

With the advancement of technology, now headphones that look like earplugs are available in the market. So you can still enjoy the elegant appearance yet never lose them for non-connectivity.

Here are the 10 best headphones that look like earplugs.

1. Plugfones Liberate 2.0 Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Earplug

Plugfones Liberate 2.0 Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Earplug...
  • NOISE REDUCING EARBUDS & MIC: We’ve combined comfortable,...
  • BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES: Liberate features ComforTiered replaceable...
  • WORK EARPHONES: Get premium sound & protection in your earbuds...
  • NOISE ISOLATING MIC: Isotalk reduces noise like wind, machines,...

If you’re one of them who always lost their earplugs due to their disconnectivity through the wire, then you probably need headphones that look like earplugs.

Whether you listen to music or take phone calls using headphones, Plugfones Liberate 2.0 is the best. Not only due to their similarity with earbuds but the extended play time. Once charged, it can run up to 12 hours.

If you work in a call center or your office work is related to taking calls, there’s no other option than these headphones that looks like earplugs. Want to know why? It has a built in microphone that has noise isolating ability so that the listener just gets your sound, excluding environmental impact.

The best feature of these headphones is interchangeable earmuffs. You can change them while matching with your outfit or your preference. It comes with one pair of foam earmuffs and another pair of silicone ones. Foam earmuffs are more comfortable to wear!

The case and headphones itself are waterproof so that the sweat or moisture in the air doesn’t cause any hazard for you. With six months warranty, this investment is no more a risk to your fortune.

  • 12 hours play time
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Charging cable included
  • Quick start guide
  • Noise reduction mic
  • Waterproof
  • Interchangeable earmuffs
  • 180 days limited warranty
  • No Pause or Play button on the headphones

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2. Ruckus Discord Bluetooth Earplug

Elgin Ruckus Discord Bluetooth Earplug Earbuds | OSHA...
  • OSHA COMPLIANT HEARING PROTECTION: ANSI-certified Noise Reduction...
  • BLUETOOTH 5.0 WITH IMMERSIVE AUDIO: Using the latest Bluetooth...
  • BEST IN CLASS BATTERY LIFE: These long lasting Bluetooth...
  • IP65 DUST AND SWEATPROOF: Our water resistant earbuds conform to...

Are you tight on budget but need the best sound system? Why not try these headphones that look like earplugs under 100? What a pretty deal it is!

Ruckus earplugs that look like earbuds are not only budget-friendly, but its features are also up to the mark. The OSHA certified headphones have 25 dB noise canceling ability that can make it deal with the loudest noises.

If your workplace is noisy and you couldn’t focus on your work, these silicone based headphones are the best choice for you. It will help you focus on your work while making the loudest environmental noises subtle.

For the user’s comfort, fifth grade silicone is used to ensure comfortable and safe wear. They adapt any size of the ear, whether smaller or bigger, to perfectly fit in your ear. The company claims to use anthropometric scaling. Maybe the excellent fitness credit goes to this!

You can imagine the durability of the headphones by considering that bullet proof material is used inside it. Intriguing, no?

On the downside, the buttons on the headphones are not labeled for what function they do. But somehow, we found out and made it clear. The middle button is for Bluetooth, the top button is for volume up, and the bottom one is for volume down.

  • 25 dB noise reduction rate
  • Weatherproof and splashproof
  • Tested for rigorous environments
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Bluetooth connection
  • 14 hours of battery time
  • Bullet proof
  • Nylon zipper case included
  • Certified by OSHA
  • Unlabelled buttons

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3. ISOtunes PRO 2.0 Bluetooth Earplug Headphones

ISOtunes PRO 2.0 Bluetooth Earplug Headphones, 27 dB Noise...
  • BLOCK NOISE: heat-activated memory foam eartips expand like an...
  • WIRELESS MUSIC & CALLS: wirelessly play music and take calls 30+...
  • MORE POWER: Improved 16+ hour battery life of music and talk time...
  • CLEAR CALLS IN LOUD ENVIRONMENTS: Signature noise suppressing...

If you’re the one who works at a noisy place, then you probably need some noise reduction headphones. And this one by ISOtunes is the best for you.

OSHA certifies these headphones that look like earplugs with 27 dB noise cancellation, which is sufficient to cancel the noise of loudest environments such as welding and heavy machinery.

The extraordinary feature about these headphones is its battery timing. It can run up to 2 days with a full charge. Due to the excellent noise cancellation feature, it is the best choice for people at risk of ear damage, particularly in advanced age people.

With its SafeMax technology, it provides maximum ear protection and allows the users to listen to music all day without causing any hazard to their ear canals. For more comfortable wear, it comes with four pairs of foam earmuffs and one pair of silicone one. You can choose according to your desire.

  • 27 dB noise reduction
  • 2 days usage
  • Certified OSHA
  • Noise cancelling microphone
  • Provides ear protection
  • 30 days return policy
  • The company claims comfort ear hook, but the proper placement that fits your ear is a bit difficult, especially for small ear holes.

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4. Technics True Wireless Earbuds

Technics True Wireless Earbuds | Bluetooth Earbuds | Dual...
  • MUSIC AS IT’S MEANT TO BE HEARD: Large 10mm drivers and...
  • ADVANCED NOISE CANCELLING: The EAH-AZ70W combines Feedforward &...
  • EASY TOUCH SENSOR CONTROLS: Dual touch sensor controls allow you...

In the phase of pandemic, students have to take online lectures while in bed. These pair of earbuds that look like earplugs are just made for that. With this in your smart digital collection, your life will be easier than ever before.

With 2 hours full charge, you can use it for about 6 hours. It is ideal for students who have online lectures. You just have to put the wireless headphones that look like earplugs in your ear, and you’re good to go. Now taking lengthy online classes is not a hectic job anymore.

Some headphones cause slight pain in your ear or leave their effect, but this is not the case with Technics True Wireless. The earbuds are lightweight that you won’t even feel that you are wearing something in your ear.

Graphene coating and water-resistant design make the headphones durable. You can wear them comfortably at the gym without being anxious about sweating. With the touch control system, you can handily operate the earbuds.

  • 10 mm dynamic driver
  • Touch control
  • Ideal for taking long calls
  • Lightweight
  • Water-resistant
  • Dual hybrid noise-canceling technology
  • Graphene coated
  • Sound leaks out that may disturb the person sitting beside you
  • Expensive

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5. Plugfones Basic Pro Wireless Bluetooth in-Ear Earplug

Plugfones Basic Pro Wireless Bluetooth in-Ear Earplug...
  • NOISE REDUCING EARBUDS & MIC: We’ve combined comfortable,...
  • BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES: Basic Pro features Bluetooth 5.0 wireless...
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE: With QuickCharge, enjoy 10 hour battery life...
  • WORK EARPHONES: Get premium sound & protection in your earbuds...

Whenever it comes to the best headphones or earplugs, Plugfones is the first to win any competition. Plugfones has not only made the best headphones or earplugs, but it has also won the game of headphones that look like earplugs.

This is another version of Plugfones earbuds included in our top 10 list of best headphones that look like earplugs. A few features of this version varies from the other one. Let’s see what it is.

With auto sync, the headphones automatically connect to the device when near or in the bluetooth range. It has an embedded speaker in a silicone based covering that fits in the ear not only handily but comfortably.

There are two color choices in these headphones, yellow and blue. Yellow, being the top seller, is also our favourite. Such a color gives happy vibes and makes the mind relax already, even before plugging it in.

Liberate 2.0 has 12 hours of battery timing, but this one has only 10 hours, which is the quality it runs short on. Also, it doesn’t have interchangeable earmuffs. However, these are cheaper than the Liberate version. And price speaks for what you get. At this price, it is the best! 

  • Color choice
  • Auto sync
  • Embedded speaker
  • Budget friendly headphones that look like earplugs
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Fits in the ear nicely
  • Noise isolation
  • Moisture resistant
  • When compared to Plugholes Liberate 2.0, it lacks some features

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6. Holiper Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds with Noise Cancelling

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Another budget-friendly headphones that come under 50. If you like earplugs more, but can’t afford it, then go for this amazing pair of earbuds that look like earplugs.

It gives you the most fantastic sound quality with a bass like a metal drum. It has a built-in DSP for audio processing that makes the sound clear and crisp while blocking the surrounding noise. Also, it’s the best choice for taking calls; the microphone gives a clear voice to the listener.

Due to its fashionable appearance, it looks elegant while wearing. The golden and black colors look luxurious, and the steel body adds more to it. The ergonomic design of the headphones makes sure that it fits in every type of ear canal comfortably.

For your convenience, there is a magnetic lock that locks the headphones when you wear them. You can pull the magnetic clasp to loosen it whenever you want to remove the headphones. Otherwise, it won’t open on its own and drops off.

A stunning facet in these earbuds that you will never find in any other regular ones is, it can connect to two devices at the same time. Amazing, no? So with these pair of extraordinary headphones, you can interchange music between two devices via bluetooth.

  • Micro USB charging port
  • LED indicator
  • Noise canceling microphone
  • 50 ft Bluetooth range
  • Fashionable
  • Magnetic lock
  • Connects two devices at a time
  • Waterproof
  • Battery timing is just 8 hours
  • Control buttons are large enough to handle.

No products found.

7. MEE audio M6 PRO Musicians’ In-Ear Monitors

MEE audio M6 PRO In Ear Monitor Headphones for Musicians,...
  • MADE FOR MUSIC: 2nd-generation M6 Pro in-ear monitors utilize a...
  • Product Note : If the size of the earbud tips does not match the...
  • SOUND-ISOLATING DESIGN: closed-back earpiece design and 7 pairs...
  • MEMORY WIRE EARHOOKS: flexible memory wire that conforms...

Do you need earplugs, but at the same time, you find headphones more reliable? Why not get something that offers both? This is the best pair of headphones that look like earplugs. It can give you the joy of both!

You might get amazed by its cable that is detachable; it can be removed whenever needed. This feature makes it 2 in 1 design. Headphones and wireless earbuds in the same unit. Stunned? No, wait. There’s a lot more about it.

The gold plated headphones add more shine to its elegant appearance, making them a perfect fashionable piece. If you use headphones while going gym, you can use it without stressing about the moisture getting in as it is a sweat resistant design. 

These 2nd generation headphones come with a complete kit that includes six pairs of different ear tips, a detachable cable with microphone, adapter, storage case, and a remote. The remote gives you access to control it when connected to a mobile phone or other devices.

  • Detachable cable
  • Comes with a complete kit
  • Sweat resistant design
  • High acclaimed sound
  • 2nd generation model
  • Gold plated ear plugs
  • Silicon ear tips
  • Battery timing is only 4-5 hours
  • The headset isn’t comfortable to wear

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8. U-ROK Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds

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Want to give something your grandparents to make their life full of fun? These wireless earbuds that look like earplugs are the best choice to give your granny if she is a huge fan of music. 

Ergonomically designed this pair of headphones comes with 3 pairs of ear tips of various sizes. You can choose the one that fits suitably in your ear. All the sizes possess a curved body that is 120 degrees tilted to fit perfectly in one’s ear. 

If you use headphones during the workout, then UROK is probably your go-to headphones! With its touch control, you can operate it effortlessly without even need of touching the phone. Just touch on the side of earbuds, and you’ll be able to change music, hang up or receive a call. 

Also, the earphones are fully automatic. You just have to take the earbuds out of the case, and it will get connected automatically. Just make sure that the phone is near to you or in the range of Bluetooth. 

Another amazing fact is that now you don’t need to take its charger everywhere you go. The case is equipped with a power bank inside it, which charges the phone by just putting headphones in the case.

  • Wireless
  • Touch control
  • Waterproof nano coating
  • Hi frequency sound
  • Automatic connection
  • Three options of ear tips
  • Power bank attached case
  • LED display
  • The fitting is a bit loosen. It gets off your ear easily.
  • While side lying, the pause/play button gets triggered due to touch control.

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9. ALWUP Wireless Neckband Dual Drivers Earphone

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Looking for good bass and clear sounds which make you feel all the way satisfied? These ALWUP Wireless Earphones can fulfill this need by giving you the best and clear sound.

These useful Dual-Driver Wireless earphones use soft and durable silicone neckband that fits comfortably around your neck. Due to their ease of use and lightweight, they are comfortable and secure to wear while jogging, hiking, walking, riding, skating, sliding, exercising in the gym, or any other sports. 

It comes with a microphone that records considerably audible sound with noise reduction ability, which you couldn’t get in your regular headphones. These are perfect to fit your choice if you use earphones for a long time because it has an excellent battery timing. 

The dual 8mm drivers in each earphone enhance the frequency to make a louder yet clear sound with bass. Note that the frequency is powerful but balanced. It doesn’t give you a very high pitch of the sound that may damage your ear drums.

Silicone earmuffs ensure the safety of your ear. They are so soft that it doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing something. 

  • Excellent battery life
  • Neckband for comfortable use
  • Microphone attached
  • Dual drivers
  • Lightweight
  • Noise reduction ability
  • Size might be an issue according to variation in ear size.

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10. Etymotic Research HF5 Noise-Isolating In-Ear Earphones

Etymotic Research ER23-HF3-BLACK Noise-Isolating In-Ear...
  • Note : If the size of the earbud tips does not match the size of...
  • Best communication and control: close proximity high sensitivity...
  • Best Sound Accuracy: 85%+ response accuracy from 20 Hz-120 kHz;...
  • Best Noise Isolation: 35-42 dB noise isolation; documented...

Do you like high fidelity sound? If yes, then these pair of earphones that look like earbuds are made for you. It has the highest accuracy response that takes you to a fantasy world. Listening to music on these headphones feels like you’re standing at a live performance.

With its 3.5 mm stereo phone plug, it can fit in your phone or iPod easily. Also, the comfortable ear tips ensure that the headphones fit in your ear too. The user friendly product comes with three variable sized ear tips so that you can choose the one that fits in your ear perfectly.

Ear tips are made of the best quality. They seal your ear canal entirely that no other noise gets to enter it and cause any disturbance while listening to music. For easy storage and transport, the earbuds come with a pretty cool carrying case.

  • 3.5 mm Stereo Phone plug
  • Replacement filters inserted
  • Noise isolation
  • Hi-Fi sound
  • Carrying case
  • Filter replacement tool
  • Three sets of ear tips
  • You have to replace filters every 6 months.

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Buying guide

Here are the top things to consider while buying the best headphones that look like earplugs

Quality of sound

We all purchase headphones to get the best quality of sound. So this must be the first factor you consider while buying earphones. The ear tips should be able to seal your ear canal entirely to ensure that the surrounding environmental noise doesn’t affect the sound quality.

Noise cancelling rate

Choose the headphones that have a noise canceling rate ranging from 25-80 decibels. This will allow you to use headphones at the loudest workplaces and protects your eardrum from damage.

Comfortable to wear

The comfort of headphones lies in the material used in ear tips. The material varies in different brands. Some come with silicone based ear muffs while some insert memory foam ear muffs. However, a few decent brands come with a choice of both, go for them. This will give you the credibility to choose according to your comfort. 

Variable size ear tips

Human ear varies in size from person to person. We all don’t have the same size of the ear canal. Go for headphones that come with variable sized headphones. Again, this allows you to choose what suits your ear size.

Battery timing

Battery timing is a significant issue with earbuds. Some have a relatively limited battery timing, so don’t forget to check the playback time before buying yours. If you are planning to use the headphones for taking calls alone, then 6 hours playback time is the best to go for. But for listening to music, 10-18 hours run time should be a must.

Final words

Music therapy can ever cure cancer patients then how come it can not calm our minds? But remember, for the best quality music, the best quality headphones! We hope our list of the best headphones that look like earplugs helped you in finding your favorite one. We tried our best to list down the top 10 headphones that look like earplugs.

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