How to change the language on Bluetooth headphones | 2 Method 100% Working

Owing to the growing popularity of e-sports and live streams in recent years, the demand for headsets have increased at an exponential rate. 

Likewise, the price of good quality headsets has also increased tremendously, making it hard for people with a limited budget to invest in such headsets. 

Therefore, people have started showing an interest in less expensive headsets manufactured locally or by Chinese companies. 

Some of these headsets surprisingly, work as well as more expensive headsets and the best part is, they don’t cost a lot either.

The only downside is the setting up of these headsets. After unboxing these headsets, setting them up is a struggle in itself.

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It is because these headsets don’t come up with any proper user’s guide to change up their default language as these headsets don’t come with English as their default English language.

Change the language on Bluetooth headphones | 2 Different Method 100% Working

Want to know how to change language on Bluetooth headphones?

Well, not every headset comes with an option to change its default language. 

Moreover, in most cases, you cannot find if a certain headset comes with a second language option until you turn it on and check its settings menu. 

Therefore, you are trying out your luck when buying these headsets. 

However, if you are lucky enough to own headsets that come with two or more languages, then you can change it to English or any other language of your choice.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by holding down the power button for few seconds.

Another full-proof method that never fails is to restart your device. 

However, if you are still unable to change the current language of your headset, then in this article, we will be sharing some useful tips and hacks through which you can easily change the language on your Bluetooth headphones.

Before trying to change the language of your headset, one thing to need to remember is the fact that not every model comes with this option, meaning you cannot change the default language of certain headsets.

Branded headsets are usually exported to other countries and therefore, they come in multiple languages and users can change them as per their convenience. However, there are fewer chances of a locally manufactured headset to be used in other countries, and therefore, they are only available in a single language which is its default language.

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Method No. 1

  1. The only way, you can change the default language of your headset is if it comes with two or more languages. Therefore, you need to first switch on your headphones and pair them up with a wireless device. 
  2. While doing this step, make sure that your Bluetooth is turned on. You will know that your headphones are connected once you begin hearing the default language in which the headset is available. 
  3. Next, hold down the power keys for several seconds. Now, a menu will appear featuring all the available language options. 
  4. Go through all these languages until you find the one that you want to set up as the default language of your headset. 
  5. Select the required language and tap on it.  Next, a guide will start playing in all the available languages. You can set it as per the instructions in your desired language. 
  6. However, if you are unable to hear it, tap on the Volume Down key and keep pressing it until you see the language that you need to set as your default language. 
  7. Once the required language appears, select it by using multifunction key. 
  8. While following these steps, if you don’t see any other language, then it may be possible that your headset doesn’t come with dual languages option.

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Method No. 2

At times, many users end up accidentally changing the default language of their headset. If you accidentally hold on to certain keys for several seconds, then the default language of your headset will change. 

You will only realize it when it starts playing a different language. Therefore, if you are experiencing a similar problem, one easy method to fix it is to reset your headset and change back the default language of your headset. 

For this, you can try following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1

At times, a device can automatically connect with a wireless device, therefore, it is recommended to switch off the Bluetooth beforehand. 

Detach the headphones from your device. If your Bluetooth is turned on, switch it off. If your headset is attached to any device, then this method won’t work properly. 

Therefore, the first step is to remove any wireless network that is connected to your device.

Step 2

This step is quite similar to the one we discussed in the first method. What you need to do is, hold down the multifunction and Volume keys for 5-8 seconds. 

By following this step, your headset will restore to its default settings. And whatever is the default language of your headset, it will switch back to it as its default language. 

In most cases, the default language is usually English. 

However, if you are using a cheaper, then the default language maybe Chinese. 

Step 3

Finally, turn on your headset and the default language will again be the primary language of your headset.

While following this method, bear in mind that this method is meant for setting back the default language of your headset.  

If you want to set a particular language as the default language of your headset, then you need to follow the first method that we have shared in this post.

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To sum up

In this article, we shared two different methods through which you can easily change the current language of your wireless headphones. If you own a branded pair of headphones or use one that comes with a user’s guide, then you can easily change it as per the instructions available in the guide. However, if your headset didn’t come with a user’s guide, then you can try following the methods mentioned in this post.

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