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Headphones that come with Bluetooth support come real handy for listening to music, playing games on the go.  

Well, these headsets don’t come with messy wires or cables. And you can move freely as you use your wireless headphones.

Moreover, these headphones are extremely versatile and flexible. You can connect with different devices that come with Bluetooth connectivity.

Since a Bluetooth headphone can be easily used while traveling. You may be wondering how to charge Bluetooth headset without charger in case you run out of battery.

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Well, the simplest way to charge it is by using the charging device that came with your wireless headset.

Charging a headset without its charging device

Another great way to charge your wireless headset is by using your laptop or a portable power bank.

No matter you are jogging, or working out at the gym, you can easily use your headphones anytime and anywhere.

Are you still are wondering how to charge your headphones without any device mentioned above?

It might be possible that you don’t have the original charger that came with your wireless headset. Or you might not have any laptop or a working power bank at your disposal.

Then don’t fret, as it is still possible to charge your headphone. Even without any hefty tools or accessories for charging wireless devices.

Budget vs. premium headsets for charging

Before coming to the solutions, even if you are a pro audiophile or a newbie, it’s important to understand that if you invest in premium headsets that are wireless. It is still possible that you use it for a good couple of hours with its battery being low or below 10%.

Now, wasn’t that a big relief? Now you know that wireless gaming headsets can still work for a couple of hours. Even when they are below the required charging levels.

Moreover, your headset is bound to last for a few hours on low charge even if you are on a limited budget. And you have invested in a relatively low priced headset that’s wireless or has opted for one that comes with dual options.

When you have a laptop or computer near you, you can use your headset for gaming or listening to music by plugging it into your laptop or computer.

And when you are traveling or don’t want to make it apparent that you are using your headphones. You can opt for the Bluetooth support option instead of wearing wired ones in front of people while traveling or working out in the gym.

Otherwise, it might be possible that your performance will be affected. And you won’t be able to work out the same way you do with your wire free headsets turned on.

Using a USB cable for charging your headset

Just like other gadgets and smart devices like smartphones, tablets, or chrome books, some headphones come with an option to charge it with a standard USB cable.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter which brand or model of headphones you are using, you easily charge it with a USB cable.

The cable may have come with your headset at the time it was delivered to you or you can purchase one separately.

Unlike those headsets that we have discussed above, there are some chargers that you can’t charge with a USB cable.

Therefore, if you try to charge it with a USB cable, it won’t charge.

These headphones don’t come with a USB slot and therefore you can’t charge them with a standard USB cable like other mainstream headphones.

Therefore, if you own a pair of wireless headphones that only charge with their original headphones. If you accidentally lose them then you won’t be able to use it anymore unless you charge it with its charger that came with the headset.

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Using portable devices for charging

Of course, there are many alternatives that you can opt for in case you lose the original charger of your headphones.

For example, you can buy a dupe that is available online or from stores. However, as mentioned earlier, this is a quick hack and you cannot use it for prolonged periods.

In case you try to use it for a longer period to charge your headphones, then it can cause internal damage to your headphones.

This means that when you plug in a dupe charger to your headphone it will charge your headset but will charge it slowly.

And in most cases, it will ruin the internal wiring of your headphones.

Therefore to avoid this, it is recommended to not use it for prolonged periods or use it for a limited time only or in case of emergencies.

To sum up

If you don’t want to use your headphone outdoor and want to use them indoors, you can charge them through your laptop or portable power bank.

All you need for this is a working USB cable. A USB cable is a versatile charging solution and you can use it to charge nearly all types of wireless devices that support wireless charging.

However, for this, you need to make sure that your wireless headset comes with a USB port.

To charge your headset with a laptop, you need to follow the same method that we have shared above.  And even if your laptop isn’t fully charged, you can still charge your headphones using a USB cable.

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