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If you are a true audiophile, then you probably own a pair of Beats headphones and love using them everywhere. Yes, their addiction is for real. However, if you use them while working out, then it’s better that you protect them from sweat and moisture. 

Headphones can be sensitive to heat, dust, and moisture. And without proper care and handling, you can ruin them from inside. And with sweat, they can give off a bad odor. 

However, instead of simply throwing them away, you can follow these simple tips and learn how to clean beats headphones from sweat and moisture.

When cleaning your beats headphones or any other accessory that has wires inside it, you need to be extra careful otherwise you can damage its internal wiring. Moreover, try to clean it without any liquid to prevent moisture from getting inside the headphones. 

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How to Clean Beats Headphones from Sweat in 2022

Clean with a dry piece of microfiber cloth 

The best to get rid of sweat from your beats headphones is by cleaning them with a dry piece of cloth. Microfiber is one such material that is commonly used to clean surfaces that are delicate and fragile. It is designed to gently remove dirt and grime without damaging the surface. 

Use few drops of rubbing alcohol as stain remover

Since Beats headphones are not waterproof, avoid using any soap or liquid to clean your headphones. If you want to get rid of sweat on your earphones, you can use few drops of rubbing alcohol or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. However, make sure to not overdo it and use only a few drops of it. 

Try using baby/facial wipes

Using baby or facial wipes is a great alternative for microfiber. Also, these wipes already have soap in them and therefore, you don’t need to use any cleaning liquid separately. Moreover, avoid using excessive pressure while cleaning the headphones with wipes. 

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Use moisten cotton swabs 

If there is a stain that’s not coming off, use cotton swabs to remove it. And when you are done with cleaning the headphones, simply air dry them instead of using a towel or tissue paper to dry them out. If you tend to sweat more than normal or live where the weather is mostly hot and humid, then it’s better to clean them every time you take them off. It will prevent sweat and dirt from accumulating on your headphones. 

If your headphones are smelling bad from the inside, and there’s nothing wrong with the sound quality, then you can try following this simple hack to get rid of the bad smell. 

Eliminate bad odor with pieces of chalk and charcoal

All you need to do is wrap a small piece of charcoal inside a mesh fabric or a piece of net. Place it inside a zip lock bag along with your headphones. 

If you don’t have charcoal, you can try the same method with a small piece of blackboard chalk. Simply break up a small piece of chalk and place it in an airtight box along with your headphones. 

Make sure to leave the container for few hours in a cool and dry area. Both charcoal and chalk are absorbent and soak up the bad odor from your headphones.

Earpads are prone to getting the maximum amount of sweat when you use your headphones for working out. And since earpads are in direct contact with your ears, they easily become moist and clammy. 

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Make sure to keep the earpads clean

It is recommended that you clean the earpads separately if you want to get sweat and moisture out of your headphones. Even if your earphones aren’t smelling bad, they still need to bed cleaned, especially the earpads otherwise it can cause infections and allergies in your ear. 

Use replacement ear pads

If there’s any kind of bacteria on your ear pads, then it can also make your ears swell or itch. And in most cases, your ears may turn pink due to the allergic reaction. If you want, you can also replace your ear pads with a pair of new ones.

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Use a mild cleaning solution

It’s not that easy to find replacement parts for beats headphones. And therefore, you can consider removing the ear pads from the headphones and cleaning them separately with a mild cleaning solution and water. 

Make sure to gently remove the cushion from the earphones 

Stay away from any harsh cleaning liquids for cleaning your ear pads otherwise, it will ruin their original shape and texture. When removing the cushions from your earphones, you need to make sure, you don’t pull them apart. Gently remove them by using a spatula with a flat or rounded tip. 

Whether you are using beats headphones or any other type of earphones, make sure to carry them in their travel case. 

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Invest in a carry case for your headphones

If you have misplaced your headphone’s case, then you can consider buying one separately. Whether you use your headphones at home, work or the gym, make it a habit to keep them in their case when they aren’t in use. 

This way, you get to protect them from dirt and moisture and there are fewer chances of you losing or misplacing your headphones. 

If you have a friend or a family member who use an identical pair of beats headphones, meaning they are of the same color, then by using a carry case, you get fewer chances of getting your headphones mixed up with theirs. 

And in case, you use someone else’s headphones by mistake who has an ear infection, then it will be automatically transferred to you. Therefore, to stay on a safer side, it is better to store them in their case at all times.

To Wrap Up

Another effective to keep your headphones sweat-free is by using sweat covers. Since, Beats headphones don’t come with their sweat covers. Therefore, you can try using a cover of a similar size. It may not fit perfectly, but it will surely do the job. Another simple hack to prevent sweat on your headphones is to sprinkle some translucent powder on the tips of the ear pads. Make sure that no trace of powder goes inside your headphones. The powder will act as a barrier between the sweat and your earphones.  

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