FIXED ! How to Fix Broken Headphones Plastic | 3 Different Methods

There is no feeling worse than having your favorite pair of headset broken into two. In case you have accidentally broken your new pair of your headset and wondering, how to fix broken headphones plastic, then in this guide, we will be sharing some simple tips and tricks through which you can fix your broken headset in no time.

How to Fix Broken Headphones Plastic

In this guide, we will be discussing the following methods in detail:

Method No. 1: Using a tape and epoxy glue

Method No. 2: Getting them checked from the manufacturing company

Method No. 3: Using a combination of wire and insulating tube

Method No. 4: Using a rubberized waterproof tape

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Now, let’s discuss these methods in detail.

Method No. 1: 

Using a tape and epoxy glue

This method is probably the simplest one of all. All you need to do is take together the broken parts with masking tape and later use few drops of liquid epoxy to glue them together. 

However, bear in mind that this is a quick fix and isn’t a permanent solution. For a more permanent solution, consider following the methods listed below.

Method No. 2:

Getting them checked from the manufacturing company

If you use branded headphones and if they were already broken when they were shipped, then you can easily have them replaced if it came with a warranty.  However, if you are using a more budget-friendly model, then you try fixing it on your own.

Method No. 3:

Using a rubberized waterproof tape 

If the band is broken from the center, then you can try taping it with a rubberized tape. These tapes are waterproof and are meant for holding together plastic and rubber-coated wires. 

Therefore, if there is a small crack that you want to fix, then using the tape would be a nice option to hold together your gaming headset.

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Method No. 4:

Using a combination of wire and insulating tube

For his method, you need to follow the steps listed below:

Step No. 1:

Even out any sharp edges with sandpaper

When fixing the band of your gaming headset that’s snapped into two pieces from the center, make sure to even out any sharp edges with sandpaper. If you don’t have sandpaper, then you can use a nail file instead. 

Step No. 2:

Pierce holes in the band

The main goal is to smooth out any rigid edges. Next, use a drill or an awl to pierce one hole on each side of both pieces of the band. Since the band is made of plastic, make sure to hear the awl before piercing a hole on the band. 

If you want, you can also use a candle to heat the awl. Make sure that no internal wiring is damaged while piercing holes in the band.  

Step No. 3:

Pass a wire through the holes

Next, pass through a wire through the holes and secure it with electrical tape or epoxy glue. You can get the wire easily from home depot or any store that sells craft or hardware supplies.

Make sure to wear latex gloves when working with epoxy glue otherwise it will stick to your fingers. 

In case it accidentally drips on your fingers, then you try removing it with a mild thinner that’s used in paints or use a nail polish remover instead.

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Step No.4:

Cover it with an insulating tube

Once the band is wired together in place and secured with glue or tape, you can cover it with an insulating tube to secure the wires of your headset. 

It is a great alternative for electrical tape and it is sturdier durable as well. It is essentially a shrinkable piece of tube to insulate and protect metal wires that’s inside the headset.

Things to remember

However, make sure to check the wire’s thickness before piercing a hole in the band. You need to make sure that the hole isn’t too big or small in size. 

If you pierce a hole that’s bigger than the thickness of the wire, then there will be extra space between the hole and the wire and your band won’t tightly wire together. 

Similarly, if you pierce a smaller hole, then the wire won’t pass through the hole and if you try to make it pass through it forcefully, then the wire will bend and break out.

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If you live in a city where the weather is hot and humid, you can try sprinkling some baking soda on the plastic surface when using epoxy glue. This will help the glue to dry up quickly and your headset will be fixed in no time.

One of the first things you need to consider when fixing your headset is to determine the root cause of the problem.  A headset may be damaged due to any one or more of the following reasons.

  1. Broken or chipped Band
  2. Cracked Band
  3. The padding of the band has come off
  4. The band arm is broken

Even if the plastic band of your headset comes with a padded covering, its base may still break off if it’s made of low-quality material. Ideally, the band of a headset comes with a covering of the following materials. 

  1. Polyester
  2. Mesh 
  3. Memory foam
  4. Silicone 
  5. Synthetic fabric
  6. Artificial leather

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To wrap up

When fixing a gadget such as a headset, it is better to use it with care to avoid accidentally breaking it. Even if you use your headset with extra precaution, it may still break up if the headset is made of low-grade plastic. If you are using a budget headset and has been with you for years, then it may be worn out with time and break off with even the slightest pressure of your hands. Therefore, in such cases, you can try switching it with a new pair or if you are determined to fix your current pair of headset, then you can try fixing it with the methods shared in this post.

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