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Whether you are using an expensive or a more affordable pair of headset, if it’s making a buzzing sound, then it can harm your ears. Whenever you connect them and they start making a strange buzzing sound, and if it’s unbearable, then it’s better to fix it asap. There are many ways to fix this problem. And in this article, we will be sharing some simple ones that work with nearly all types of headsets.  

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How to fix buzzing noise in headphones?

At times, it can be hard to address the main reason behind the buzzing sound in the headset. And in such cases, troubleshooting may be your best bet. 

Check the hardware of your headset

If the problem is with the hardware of your headset then you need to check the speakers of your headset. If there is any dust inside on it, brush it off and hopefully, your headset will stop making that buzzing sound. 

For this, you need to perform the following steps:

Step 1

Unscrew the casing of the headset

Step 2

Open it and gently dismantle the headset

Step 3

With the help of a brush, clean out any specks of dust that’s accumulated on the speakers

Step 4

Use a blower or make sure to brush off gently otherwise you will ruin the internal wiring of the headset.

Step 5

Refasten the headset and assemble it back.

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Check the audio port of your computer

Unless you are using a wireless headset, if your headset is a wired one, you need to check the port it is connected to and if the fault is in the port itself. Try inserting a fresh pair of headset in the same port and check if the buzzing sound is still there or not. 

If there is no more buzzing sound, then the problem is in the port in which your headset is connected with your computer. You can try switching to another port or have it replaced with a different port.

Change the volume controls 

To confirm if the problem is with the headset, use the volume controls to increasing and decreasing the volume levels, if the buzzing sound is more prominent and audible, then the problem is not in the port, but with your headset.

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Check for other faulty gadgets or devices creating the same buzzing sound

Nowadays, there are multiple appliances powered on and working in our homes simultaneously. It may be possible that that the problem is electrical interference, meaning other gadgets and appliances in your home are causing this problem. 

Whether it is a phone, a smart alarm clock, or a stereo system, try turning them off one by one and check if the buzzing sound has stopped or not. 

For this, you need to detach and turn on your headset. If you can’t hear the buzzing sound anymore, then the problem is not with your headset but another device that’s running in the background.

Whenever you will turn on these devices, the buzzing sound will start, therefore the best to prevent it from occurring, again and again, is to keep your headset away from these devices, especially when they are switched on.

If you are still able to hear the same buzzing sound, then try following these steps.

Replace any outdated/ old drivers 

If the driver that your headset is running on is an outdated one or has become obsolete, then it may begin to malfunction and create that annoying buzzing sound. 

Therefore, you need to check if your headset is running on an older driver first. If the drivers are outdated and aren’t used in headsets anymore, then you need to update it.

For this, you need to check the installed drivers in your headset. You can go through the user’s manual to check the drivers that are available for the headset that you use. 

If your headset didn’t come with a manual, then you can search it online by typing in the model details of your headset. Even if you are using a cheaper headset, these details are available online. 

You can also check them through the website through which you purchased it online. However, if you bought it from a physical store, then you resort to the first two methods that we have discussed above.

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Try going to the official website of your headset and update the drivers of your headset.  

If you are unable to do it manually, try using an app for this.

Use online apps to update your drivers

There are a couple of reliable apps online, that automatically detect and update the drivers in your headset. 

After updating the drivers, make sure to restart your device.

Change the current sound setting in your computer 

At times, the current sound setting may be the root cause of the problem. Any change in the current settings may be creating the buzzing sound. Try disabling any audio enhancements that are turned on.

Whether you are using a Windows 7, 8, or 10 version, this method works with all versions of Windows.

For this, you need to follow the steps listed below.

Step 1

Go to the settings option on your computer

Step 2

Go to Control Panel

Step 3

Select Hardware/ Sound.

Step 4

Choose “sound” and click on it.

Step 5

A list will appear showing all the available speakers, select your current one and go to properties. 

Step 6

Next, go under the “Enhancements” option, and click disable it. Turn on your headset again and hopefully, your headset will stop creating a buzzing sound.

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To wrap up

Before searching out for various solutions to fix your headset, it is important to know why is your headset make these buzzing sounds in the first place. Such a buzzing sound may occur due to faulty software or it may be buzzing due to some fault in the hardware. Whatever the issue may be, in this article, we have discussed all these factors in detail. 

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