How to Keep Headphones from Breaking [6 Different Ways 2022]

Just like our phones and laptop, our headphones are equally important for us. Without them, we cannot receive our calls and play music without disturbing others. They come real handy for listening to music at the gym or watching movies in leisure time. 

Unlike phones and laptops, headsets are meant to last for a longer period as they don’t require constant upgrades. If you have invested in a good pair of headphones, then you can stay rest assured that they will last for a long time. 

However, the only thing that makes you replace your brand new headphones with new ones is when you accidentally break up. No matter how careful we try to be, they tend to break even if they are of a high-end brand.

Luckily, there are many simple tips and tricks on how to keep headphones from breaking. And in this post, we will be sharing the most effective ones.

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So without any more delay, let’s discuss these tips in detail.

How to keep headphones from breaking [Some useful methods]

As mentioned earlier, one of the main reasons why headphones break is because of poor handling. We tend to dump them in our bags or drawers instead of storing them carefully in their case.

It’s often easier to get new ones instead of taking care of your existing headphones, especially if you use cheaper ones.

And if you use cheap headphones, then maybe it’s about time that you start planning to invest in better quality headphones.

Cheaper headphones can cause severe damage to our ears when used for prolonged periods. There is less control over the volume and listening to loud music can badly affect your hearing ability with time.  

1. Carry them in a travel pouch or case

Unless you invest in cheaper headphones, nearly every all headphones comes with their carry case.

Although, storing headphones in these cases may require some extra time but it’s worth the effort. 

And it can be quite tempting to put them straightway in a bag but it only makes things worse in the longer run. 

The wires remain tangled and it requires extra time to unwind. With time, these wires become loose, and their break off easily.

Also, when you keep your headphones in their case, they remain protected from moisture and dust particles. 

If you find your headphone case too boring to carry, you can customize it or get a new one with a more catchy design.

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2. Pull them off with their jack

The wires of your headphones are its core element. Without it, your headphones are useless. And if you don’t handle them with care, you will end up ruining them in no time. 

Based on the price and built quality of your headphones, the thickness of the internal wiring also varies accordingly. 

If the wire is too thin, then there are more chances for it to easily break off. Therefore, you need to use them with more care as they are more fragile and delicate. 

These wires are usually two or more in numbers that are intertwined. If even a single wire out of them bends or breaks off, the audio quality will not be the same. 

There will be constant buzzing and distortion in the audio. And to avoid that, never leave the wires of your headphones tangled, and don’t try to forcefully unwind them. 

Moreover, never pull them off as it weakens their internal wiring. Always, detach them from your phones or laptops with their jack. 

3. Use headphones with thicker cords

There are various wraps available online that are used to keep the headphones tangle-free. 

You can buy them from Amazon or any online store and store them with the wrap to prevent the wires from snapping out. 

If you want, you can use any circular disk instead of a proper wrap. It will serve the same purpose and won’t cost you anything. 

The wires of headphones aren’t as sturdy as those available for headsets. Although some headphones come with a rope cable to avoid unwanted knots and tangles. 

However, not all headphones are available in the same style. Moreover, it doesn’t mean that they won’t tangle or mess up without proper handling.

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4. Make listening safe 

The drivers of headphones can also break if you keep the volume at high levels. This phenomenon is mostly associated with gaming headsets but it can occur with headphones as well. 

With constant high-intensity audio, your drivers will malfunction. This happens if your driver isn’t designed to work with an audio level that’s higher than its capabilities. 

Moreover, it will also badly affect your hearing.

 5. Protect them from sweat and moisture

When we do intense outdoor activities like jogging, running, and cycling, we like to wear our headphones and listen to music to stay focused and motivated.  

And while doing such activities, we tend to sweat a lot. Any form of moisture including body sweat is harmful for your headphones. 

It can cause corrosion and damage the internal components of your headphones. In such cases, try to invest in those headphones that are specifically designed for athletes. 

These headphones are sweat proof and don’t affect the sound quality even with excessive humidity and moisture. 

And if you want, you can even get special covers for headphones that prevent sweat from entering into your headphones.

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6. User shorter cords

If you get a choice to choose between short and long headphones, then it’s better to opt for headphones with shorter cords. 

Although headphones with a shorter cable restrict your mobility, their wires are easy to manage. 

With longer wires, you have to untangle them all the time which is a daunting task if you use your headphones all the time.  

Moreover, even a small cut or crack in your cord can have a badly effect on the overall audio quality. 

You will notice it right away and it’s not something you can overlook if you use your headphones for your audio and video calls on the go. 

Therefore, we recommend opting for headphones with a short cable to make them last for a longer period.

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To sum up

No matter how expensive or budget-friendly headphones you use, if you don’t use them with care, they will worn out with time and break off. To avoid that, make sure to follow all the tips we shared in this post. Also, store them in their case when you aren’t using them.

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