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Are you an audiophile and wondering “how to stop hearing myself in my headset?” Whether you’re indulging in a live gaming stream or having an online audio chat, listening to your own sound coming from the headphones can be quite disturbing. 

It can also affect your performance and damage your ears. And therefore, it is better to fix this issue immediately. 

You can easily enjoy listening to your favorite songs and play your favorite games without the echoes of the same sound buzzing in your headsets. 

Figuring out the root cause of the problem 

The root cause of such a problem can be in the software of your equipment, or the accessories that you use for it.

When fixing the issue of constant echoing in your headset, you need to consider the following factors beforehand:

  1. The first thing you need to consider is the fact that whether you are using your headset on your gaming laptop or PC.
  2. The second thing you need to determine is whether you are using external or built-in speakers.
  3. Coming to the headset, you need to consider if you are using gaming headphones with USB or a headset with a standard 3.5mm jack.
  4. Similarly, it is equally important to understand the type of headphones that you are using. 

It could an open back, closed back, surround sound, noise-canceling, wired or Bluetooth headsets

Based on the type of gaming headset, you need to come up with a solution accordingly.

Method No. 1

  1. To fix this, one of the first things you could do is go to the Sounds option from the main Control Panel.
  2. Next go to the Apps menu and click on the microphone. 
  3. Windows will start to troubleshoot the system on its own, and the main factor causing the audio distortion will be fixed right away. 
  4. If you want, you can also increase or decrease the volume levels. 

Method No. 2

In some cases, if you have set the sound higher, then the sound in your headset is bound to bounce back which ultimately ruins your gaming or auditory experience. 

One thing that you may try doing is deactivate and activate your current microphone listed in Sound menu. 

In most cases, a quick reset is all it needs to fix the issue.

Method No 3

If you collaborate with others online via your gaming headphones, and if you hear the same voice echoing in your headset, then the issue is probably not with the headphones or your mic. 

In case, the player you are collaborating with online is having any song or video playing via his stereo, or computer, then you are bound to hear the same sound in the background through your headset.  

Therefore, if the microphone is not correctly placed, you can correct its position otherwise it is bound to pick plenty of noises or sounds in your headphones and reflect your voice as well. 

Method No. 4

No one likes to hear his voice in the background when playing any games or listening to music. 

It can be distracting and affect your gaming performance as well. 

Therefore, one of the best ways to avoid this problem is by using headphones that offer 100% noise cancellation. 

Similarly, you can invest in closed-back headsets as they are designed to minimize all sounds in the background. 

If you are using a locally made or a cheaper microphone, then it can easily catch your voice which you get to listen to in your headset.  

Thus, you won’t listen to any sounds except for those coming from your game directly into your headset.

Method No. 5

Another effective method is to simply troubleshoot the problem in your sound equipment. 

Similarly, you can check all external devices that you have connected to your computer. 

At times if your computer or any external device is working on those drivers that have become old, outdated, or obsolete, then it is bound to distort the sound coming from your headset. 

Therefore, to avoid this problem from occurring in the first place, what you need to do make sure that all drivers are frequently updated with their newer versions.

Method No. 6

Another thing that you can try doing is removing all connected devices and check for any dust particles. 

You can use canned air or a mechanical brush to gently clean it from inside. This won’t take much time if you are using the right cleaning tools for it. 

Method No.7

If you are still unsure if the problem is with your computer, speakers, or the headset, what you can do is simply connect the same headset from which you are hearing your voice to another laptop or PC. 

If you are still experiencing the same issue then the chances are that the problem is with the headset and not your computer. 

Similarly, if you connect the same headset to a new device and the audio quality is fine and you aren’t able to listen to your voice anymore, then the problem is with your PC or laptop and not the headset that you are using with your computer.

To Wrap Up

For Skype and other collaborative apps, if you are experiencing the same problem when using your headset, the simplest way of fix it is by going for the echo cancelling option that is available in the app

However, if you are still hearing your echo in your headphones even after turning on the echo cancelling feature. Then, the first thing you need to check is whether the sound is coming from the speakers or if there is some sort of distortion on the other end of the line. 

By figuring out this beforehand, you will be in a better state to fix the sound problem. By following the tips we have shared in this post, you can easily fix your headset’s audio without reaching out to a repairman. However, this can only work if you diagnose the problem with the tips we have discussed in this article. Only then, you can come with a relevant solution to fix your headphones in no time!

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