How to Use Single Jack Headset on PC Without Splitter ?

Although most users prefer wireless headsets over wired ones, there are still many users who believe the sound quality of traditional headsets crisper than that offered by wireless headsets. However, for pro gamers, wireless headsets are more portable and user-friendly. They can move freely and enjoy immersive games with their headsets on. The only downside with wireless headsets is the lack of compatibility with older models of computer systems. In case, you are wondering how to use single jack headset on pc without splitter, then in this post, we will share some useful tips and tricks that might help you. 

How to use single jack headset on pc without splitter

Before discussing the pros and cons of headphones with a single jack and those that come with two separate audio jacks, let’s have a look at different kinds of headphone jacks. Headsets that come with a separate microphone features three kinds of jacks; 2.5 millimetre, 3.5 millimetre and 6.5 millimetres with 3.5 mm being the most popular ones. A 3.5 mm audio jack is commonly used in DVD players and smart devices including tablets, and smartphones.

Headsets that come with a single 3.5 millimetre jack are mostly used in budget laptops like Chromebooks, iPads and tablets. Headphones that feature two separate 3.5 millimetre jacks are used to connect the microphone and speakers, respectively. However, using them for PCs is a bit tricky, mainly if you use don’t want like wearing wired headphones.

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Why gamers prefer headphones with a single jack?

Headphones that come with a microphone a single jack are becoming more and more popular among gamers. During intense gameplays, communicating through a regular keyboard can affect your speed and performance. Moreover, the majority of built-in microphones do not come with a noise-cancelling feature to minimize external sounds. Due to these reasons, many gamers prefer to use headphones with a single jack and mic. 

These microphones are undoubtedly one of the best options for professional gamers. Audio chats remain audible and do not mix up with the sounds of the game itself. Wired headphones with a mic and one jack provide extraordinary audio quality than headphones with a mic with two jacks.

With dual jack headsets, come with extra wires which doesn’t appear aesthetically pleasing to some. However, single jack headsets are simple to connect and use. Headsets with single jack support both the microphone and the headphones itself, leading to a low impedance level ranging between 4- 16 ohms. Headsets with two jacks are designed to support the stereo sound instead. 

Therefore, if you want to use headphones for gaming, a good option is to use a headset that comes with a microphone and a single jack instead of using those that come with two separate jacks. However, if you are using an older version of PC for gaming, then you might need to invest in a splitter to connect it with headsets with a single jack.

New headphone models feature three rings, whereas older models consisted of two rings instead of three on the earphone jack. With two rings, you don’t get options for mic connectivity. With three rings, you get stereo sound along with opportunities for mic connectivity. The ports available on a pc, are designed similarly. Therefore, without a splitter, you won’t be able to attach your headphones to the given ports.

Can you use a single jack headset on pc without splitter?

Theoretically speaking, no. The use of a splitter is mandatory for newer headsets to work on older PC models. However, if your splitter is not working correctly or you don’t want to invest in one, the following tips might do the trick.

Step 1: Open your Control Panel

Step 2: Go To the Sound menu. Click on the Recording option.

Step 3: Different devices will appear on your screen. Select the mic that you want to connect. Click on Set Up.

Step 4: Now, your microphone will automatically set up.

Step 5: The last step is to save all changes, and you’re done! 

Steps for Mac users

  • If you are a Mac user, then consider following the steps mentioned below:
  • On the volume Icon, look for “Sound.”
  • Next, go into the Sound Preferences.
  • Search for your device and makes it into your default sound device.
  • By following these steps, your headphones and mic will start to work correctly. In case your headset or microphone isn’t working, then it is better to invest a new headset or a splitter.

Old vs new gaming headsets

It is not easy to use a single jack earphone on a PC. Nevertheless, a good quality splitter doesn’t cost more than $5, making it affordable for people to buy one who is on a limited budget.

One of the significant factors to consider while buying a pair of headphones is its sound quality. Those headsets that offer a surround sound quality are a bit expensive. Earlier, high-quality headsets used to have two jacks for sound and microphone, respectively. These headsets haven’t been obsolete and are still bought and sold online. However, the majority of users prefer headsets that come with a dual audio and microphone jack.

Since older versions of PCs come with two ports instead of a single one. Therefore, to use a modern headset on these computers, you need to use a splitter. Due to the growing interest of computer games and use of online collaborative tools like Zoom, Slack and Google Classroom, the demand for wireless headphones with noise-cancelling feature has increased a lot in recent years.  

To use headphones that come to a single jack on the majority of computers, you will require a splitter. Although new models of PCs consists of two separate ports. One port features a small headphone engraved to it whereas the other one comes with an icon of a headphone and a mic together. Therefore, you can easily use the port with icons of both; a mic and a headset engraved for your headphones that has a single jack.


Unlike conventional PCs, the majority of Laptops and ultra-books come with a dual headphone and microphone port to accommodate newer models of headsets. Therefore, if you use an older PC model, you need to change your system settings or use a splitter for wireless headsets featuring a single jack.

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