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If you are a gamer or have a job where you need to use headphones 24×7. If something goes wrong with the headset or the microphone, then it will badly affect your productivity which is something we all need to avoid. Don’t we? 

Many headset users are experiencing the same problem where their microphone stops working when headphones plugged in. Whether you are having a virtual meeting or playing games, won’t be able to communicate with others properly online. 

A single method won’t work in this case. You need to consider the specs of your device and the model of your headset and microphone that you are using. 

Therefore, we have listed multiple methods for different types of devices. You can follow them as it is or do several modifications according to the type of your headset and microphone.

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For Windows OS

Method No. 1

In most cases, the problem is with the microphone and not the headphones that you are using. And if the mic fails to be detected by your OS, then it won’t work. This problem may arise if you have recently updated your Windows. Therefore, to fix it, the first thing you need to do is grant permission to those apps that require a microphone to work.

Therefore, to fix it, try following these steps.

Step 1

Turn on your computer and go to the start menu. 

Step 2

Next, open microphone settings.

Step 3

Select the change option and drag the slider for allowing access to the microphone.   

Step 4

Next, select those apps that you want to access your microphone. And those apps that you don’t select won’t work with your microphone.

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For Skype

If you mostly use your headphones for office work, then you need to set up your microphone with those apps like Skype for making online calls. If you want, you can also set it as your primary device for recording. For this, consider following these steps:

Step 1

Go to the start menu and find Skype from the apps section.

Step 2

Go to the top right section of the screen and select settings.

Step 3

Next, select your current mic and headphone in the sound and video section.

Step 4

Similarly, go to the speaker’s option and select your existing speaker and headset.

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Method No. 2

If your headset and microphone are already set as the default device, then maybe the drivers installed needs to be updated. 

It might be possible that you are using older drivers and they have become obsolete. Therefore, you need to update them to make your headset and microphone work with your computer. 

If you want to save time or don’t have much knowledge about how to properly install or update drivers on your computer. Then it is recommended to avoid doing it manually. 

There are many programs available online through which you can do it automatically. All you need to do is install the app all drivers will appear that you need to update.  

For this you need to follow these steps:

Step 1

Download the app and activate it on your system.

Step 2

Next, turn it on for scanning your drivers. All list of drivers that need an upgrade will appear on your screen.

Step 3

Run Driver Easy and click the Scan Now button. Driver Easy will scan your computer and detect any problem drivers.

Step 4

Turn on the update option and download the latest driver for your device. 

Step 5

Finally, restart your device and turn on your microphone. Hopefully, it will start working out properly without any audio issues.

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Method No. 3

At times, when too many apps are installed on your computer, the microphone and headset start to malfunction.

These apps are mostly video conferencing apps like Zoom that are interlinked with a device like your mic and headphones.

Therefore, to fix this, you need to disable such apps that you don’t use anymore. They can interfere with the settings of your headphones and mic, leading to poor sound quality. 

If you leave these apps open in a separate tab, then it will cause the same problem.

It doesn’t matter if you are using a PC or a laptop, you need to clear out all extra tabs that are running on your device.

Or, you can also uninstall these apps if they aren’t in your use anymore. However, if you think you will need to use them later, don’t instead of uninstalling these apps, and close them using their main menu. 

Method No. 4

If you have come this far in this article, then I’m guessing your problem isn’t solved yet. And most probably, the problem is with the hardware of your device. 

Unlike software-based problems, hardware ones aren’t too difficult to detect. And in most cases, you can fix it on your own without getting any professional assistance.

The most common type of hardware issue is found in the ports of your device. Therefore, use a different pair of headphones and plug them in the same port. 

Make sure to use a headset that is working fine on a different computer or laptop. If you experience any problem with the sound quality, then the problem is with the port and not the headset.

Simply insert it in a different port and the audio will be fixed. If the port is still not working properly, try replacing it with a new port.

To Sum Up 

While using an app for updating your drivers, bear in mind that these applications are available in paid and free versions. If you can bear the extra expenses, you can opt for the updated version. However, if you use your headphones occasionally and don’t want to invest extra cash for it, then you can install the free version. A paid version, however, comes with extra features and automated updates come in real handy if you need more efficient and prompt results.

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